Why can't we score?

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by mccity, 20 Mar 2017.

  1. mccity


    13 Jun 2010
    So we've just played Liverpool, and once again we've failed to put away a lot of good chances. What's worrying is that this is becoming a theme more than ever, to the extent that Pep is blaming it ahead of anything else for our failings this season.

    It's annoying, because it's not like we're testing the goalkeepers. We have an unenviable inability to hit the ball towards goal regardless of the circumstance. Whether it's just poor finishing or just something silly like falling over, we're doing it.

    What makes it worse, is if you watch teams like Tottenham and especially Chelsea, is that they score all sorts of goals from sometimes seems to be very few opportunities.

    So what is it? Is it a confidence issue? Lack of composure due to pressure? Are they getting too excited to score and losing focus? Are they just plain bad?

    And I know some chances are clearer than others, and a lot of chances we get really aren't chances. But we miss too many of every kind of them for it to just be nothing.

    Or am I missing something? Please can one of you clear this up for me? It's just too confusing!
  2. Bozo


    20 Jul 2007
    Head Lecturer at the Clown College of Manchester
    Too much emphasis on passing the ball into the net? The majority of our goals this season have come from inside or just outside the 6-yard box.
  3. GeekinGav


    30 Dec 2012
    Pep's training routine focuses on walking the ball into the back of the net and therefore as shooting training has been banned from the Etihad Campus. The its 'Smoking and Shooting Ban'
  4. BlueAnorak


    31 Oct 2010
    It's not difficult. Most goals are scored when strikers or runners arrive in the box when the ball is passed/crossed (as per Aguero today).
    We over elaborate to the Nth degree and try and walk the ball into the net. We also often waste chances by refusing to break quickly giving the opposition time to get behind the ball.
  5. mccity


    13 Jun 2010
    I get that we try and walk it in to the net, but some of our finishing is plain awful regardless. Surely there's more?
  6. nellyonthewing


    15 Feb 2009
    Rag Baiting
    Close to the Swamp in UK- now in a Florida swamp
    Because our 'target man' is 5 ft 6, because we got rid of Tevez,Dzeko and got Bony, because Silva and Yaya got old ,because Vinny isn't there to Captain and push us up because we never really replaced Barry or Nasri,because we let Txixi spend £££millions on crap..Next question...lol
  7. BlueS


    2 Jan 2016
    pretty sure it's because Joe isn't here anymore
  8. Jim Tolmie's Underpants

    Jim Tolmie's Underpants

    27 Jun 2007
  9. Armaan


    23 Oct 2009
    Look at our team and it's no surprise. Silva and Sterling are the worst finishers in the league. KDB has never been a goal getter and Sane is just a kid.
  10. mat


    22 May 2004
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    Like arsenal we try for the 'perfect goal' 27 passes in the box, instead of smashing one in the bottom corner.

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