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Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by BlueS, 9 Apr 2017.

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    What I think of this link aside, suggesting a winger isn't good enough because they were outdone by Walker is unfair no? I mean he's an absolutely brilliant defender to the extent it's no crime to be outdone by him, particularly in the 1 on 1 situations he often found himself in. The only game Walker's struggled (and still did ok) in defensively wass the game at home vs Shakthar and that was because it was 2 on 1 even 3 on 1 at times.

    Pep loves talented wingers. This MIGHT become something come summer.
  2. jay laruja

    jay laruja

    15 May 2012
    Though Zaha, undoubtedly, is outstanding one-on-one, he'll be limited with the way teams set up against us.
  3. Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

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    Zaha would have three defenders on him, all lining up, so when he beats the first, if he beats the first, there's still No2 and No3 to beat. He hasn't got the pace of Leroy, and he doesn't appear to have the poacher's characteristics that Sterling has been demonstrating so well this season. I am not convinced he would shine in a team like ours. He looks good 'cos he's at Palace.
  4. jay laruja

    jay laruja

    15 May 2012
  5. salfordbluetrue


    2 Jul 2013
    Zaha is a fantastic talent and has improved his defensive duties to point he is better than most of our midfielders , but he has terrible team work rarely passing to team mates and is poor in front of goal , he is association trained but it may well be too late in the day to train him to the next level
  6. remember arthur mann

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    It's a no from me. Can't even make it in a crap side like the rags !
  7. CrossroadBlues


    31 Dec 2017
    Ederson .. Bravo ..
    Mendy .. Mangala .. Otamendi .. Kompany . Danilo
    Fernandinho .. Yaya ..
    Silva .. De Bruyne .. Bernardo ..Gundogan ..
    Sane .. Jesus (in UCL) .. Aguero

    16 foreign spots ..

    Muric is homegrown .. hes been here since 2015 .. spent 2 years at the club while hes under 21 so hes b listed untill next season he"ll be officiall a homegrown player.

    Thats 1 spot left for 2 more signings .. that spot was left for Sanchez on the last day of the transfer window .. so Mangala is probably leaving since hes linked with Lyon and Inter!
  8. St.Pauli support

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    On uefa.com Muric is listed as A list player, taking the 17th spot. No "free spot" on there.
    On transfermarkt.com Muric joined City officially Jan 2016, maybe that's why he cannot be on B list.

    Anyway, I suppose he won't be on the next CL squad list. IMO.

    Nothing to do with Zaha of course. Sorry.
  9. Pam


    19 Aug 2004
    I wonder what Zaha would be like in a good team and with a manager who knows how to improve players.
  10. PW


    21 Aug 2017
    He doesn't possess the level of football intelligence for a Pep team.

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