Young British players should be a priority

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by MJ, 17 Jun 2017.

  1. MJ


    4 Aug 2006
    Ontario, Canada
    With home grown rules already in place and likely to get more restrictive, and Brexit looming with a potential big impact on foreign imports, I can't help feeling we need to look more seriously at British players now. With Clichy gone, Hart about to go, and continued stories about Delph being moved on, HG/British players are getting more scarce. Even our academy seems to be filled with good foreign players that may not be eligible after brexit - HG might not matter. And if Scotland separates after brexit, the pool might get even smaller with just English players an option.

    Obviously decent British players are already over priced and we can get similar quality abroad for a lot less, and yes we're being held to ransom for players like Walker, but how much might these players cost in a couple of years? There aren't that many British players that would fit in Pep's squad, so for me if we can get them in now, we should.

    The question is how many can really make the grade? Walker and Bertrand might be an upgrade from last year and would be reasonable additions, but are they good enough to help us win the champions league? Alli and Kane are good but would cost maybe $80-100M each and we have better options now. Are any other British players even anywhere close to being world class except maybe Bale?

    So a priority has to be young British players that have the potential we can develop. Looking at the U20 and U21 teams, are there any young British gems we should be looking at? We don't seem to have much of a presence on these teams right now (although at this age Roberts is a stand out).
  2. City health warning

    City health warning

    10 Dec 2016
    The home grown players are huge gamble and it is a difficult question to answer, either for or against signing them. Perhaps If they weren't at over-inflated prices then the levels of expectancy would be more realistic and would take some of the pressure and allow them to develop even further.
  3. felops6


    3 Jun 2017
    The main problem is that the HG/english players' law made the situation even worse. To name an english player who I really like is Lewis Cook but he barely plays for Bournemouth so...
  4. Dribble


    4 Jul 2009
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow....
    Good players able to improve our team should be a priority. The HG rule is mainly to benefit the England team and personally, I've never been a fan of International football. Where our academies are concerned, this is different. As Vieira said, our boys need to play more man football which is why our lower leagues should be extended to allow clubs to have 2nd teams.

    I'm sure a club like Stockport would love to have our best youngsters and first team players returning from injury in their squad. Our most promising coaches could cut their teeth there & they could further utilise our facilities & better expertise. It makes perfect financial sense on all levels and would help English football no end.
  5. leech


    1 Feb 2015
    Better just to fight Brexit.
  6. salfordbluetrue


    2 Jul 2013
    I do not think brexit will be any problem as any interruption would cost the FA and they will not stand for that. signing top quality english young players is a great idea but every club is already doing that, having 17 top quality foreign in our squad is the cheaper better option , but every year we cry when we see a gamble by another club pay off Dele Ali being the prime example.
    A lot of people on this site consider Sinclair and Rodwell failures i do not, i consider city`s not following up the gamble a failure as these two came did not make the grade and moved on for a total cost of 6 million ,
    I believe city should but 2 young english players every year but most are at clubs we cannot buy from , so you go younger with more potential more risk? I have mentioned Mings Sessegnon but that got a poor response Lewis Cook is a great shout but may clash with Roberts , I will say the jan transfer window is the best time to buy these players with potential to challenge the squad but too good for the youth
  7. bugsyblue


    7 May 2009
    Fucking Brexit.
  8. ninjamonkey


    4 Jun 2009
    Nah you're alright. we've brought in Stones and Sterling after ear marking them as the best homegrown talent that are capable of playing to our style and standard and Roberts with the same intention but a bit further behind. That's 2, potentially 3 from the 4 permitted already. Delph is currently making up the numbers, whether he goes or not remains to be seen but walker will add to that if we bring him in as could Bertrand. We're perfectly fine in that regard right now. We'll continue to sign homegrown players through this method when somebody good enough comes up and not for the sake of it.

    we want to win everything there is to win, That means recruited the best around. We simply aren't going to win everything we want to with half a team of homegrown players from countries that struggle to get out of the groups at major tournaments.

    If you look at the other big clubs, we're in a stronger position than most. We may be short on numbers but we've got the youth and the quality. Which are the two key components.

    Chelsea have Cahill, i guess Moses qualifies as homegrown and Fabregas who's rumoured to be leaving, who else? They fill it with kids like Loftus cheek,Ake and Chalobah. Cahill is getting on, Moses i don't think is good enough and i think we'll see his level drop massively next season and Fabregas may not be there. They're in a lot worse state than us.

    The like of Arsenal Liverpool and Spurs have plenty but the majority aren't top players

    United are probably the ones in most danger. They've got a lot of homegrown players but a lot are either dog shit or the wrong side of 30, the like of Young,Carrick and Rooney aren't going to be there much longer. Rumours of Jose not wanting either of Jones or Smalling and he seems to despise luke Shaw. Pogba and Rashford are the only two decent ones they'll have left before too long. Oh and that cock Lingard but calling him a footballer if pushing it.
  9. Tevez City

    Tevez City

    9 May 2010
    There is starting eleven and there is a back up eleven.

    I think the back up should be filled with HG/English players.

    It will be nice to have many English players in our Starting eleven or lets say main players, but usually this is hard to have.

    Hart was a key player and Sterling as well but Hart will be gone while it will be harder for Sterling to keep his spot next season after Bernardo's arrival.
  10. Salfordian Blue

    Salfordian Blue

    7 Aug 2011
    MJ demanding youngsters from beyond the grave.

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