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    Tevez finally apologises

    well done Carlos, welcome back. Now win us the title.
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    spare ticket needed for wigan away!!!!

    Im looking for a Wigan ticket, please pm me if you have one for sale, will collect from anywhere. Thanks Jon
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    wigan ticket wanted

    I need a Wigan ticket, i can come and collect from anywhere at anytime today. Please pm me if you have one. Many thanks
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    charity shield ticket update

    @mcfcryan..........What email address did you send the complaint to ? i want my postage and booking fees back too ! its an absolute disgrace.
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    You're not really a City fan unless...

    Unless on FA Cup semi final day you personally shook hands with and congratulated Ya Ya on his fine goal and performance. And shouted "Neville you fucking Wanker" down Gary Neville's ear and pissed him right off !
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    Yaya Banner For Next Season

    I love it, i will gladly chip in for it.
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    bolton ticket thread (merged)

    Re: Bolton Tickets page Im looking for 2 tickets for the Bolton game, please get in touch if you have any.
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    bolton ticket thread (merged)

    Re: Bolton away x2 needed Hi, Im also looking for 2 tickets for the Bolton game if anyone has any. Many thanks
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    Loyalty Point System

    I think loyalty points should be awarded for other aspects of supporting the club, for example 5 points for buying a new home shirt on launch day, 1 point per match programme bought, 5 points per extortionate pie bought at half time ! This way fans will be able to build up loyalty points and...
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    One of the best days of my city watching life, was on the thomas cook club train, which was delayed for a hour coming home, it was worth it as it was delay as it was waiting for most of the City squad. Got off at Stockport and shook hands with Dejong and Yaya. But to top that for some reason a...
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    Signed Shirts, What you have?

    Only got 1 signed shirt, got it done at the last game at Maine rd. Colin Bell Bernarbia Goater Dunne SWP Tiato Foe Anelka Horlock and the lesser spotted Daniel Belmardi !
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    Time to Rally around in the next 48 hours

    Best post ive read over the last few days. Get behind the Blues. CTID
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    confirmned City Only pub advice from Wembley Landlords.

    Me and the Wife are on the Thomas Cook train arriving in London at 10am ! so early doors in the Green Man is looking good ! Good old Psycho Stuart Pierce played for the Green Man Pub team many years ago, so its definitely got a good Blue connection. See you all there CTID.
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