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    I can't wait to see his delicate through balls to the other forwards, his tireless grafting defending from the front and his modesty and assertion that he's just part of a team. Or am I getting him confused with someone else?
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    Wild Predictions

    Us to hit at least 3 sides for double figures this season.
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    Liverpool Thread - 2022/23

    Did the Madrid fans have fake tickets or people jibbing over the turnstile? Not seen any reports of it?
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    Raheem Sterling | Joins Chelsea for £50m

    We're not!!!!!
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    Kalvin Phillips | Joins City on a 6-year deal

    Bastard. Beat me to it :) One of the finest rants I've ever seen.
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    Katie Price

    How many times does this fucking idiot have to break the law to get jail?
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    It's Quiet 17 - Glory Thread

    If all 4 ins and all 4 outs materialise, we are in danger of taking the much coveted ' net spend' title from the dippers.(if all valuations are accurate)
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    Raheem Sterling | Joins Chelsea for £50m

    Not if he's not even making the bench.
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    Raheem Sterling | Joins Chelsea for £50m

    If he does that, his international place would be in doubt because he'd be playing hardly any games for us.
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    Gabriel Jesus | Joins Arsenal for £45m

    If he does score against us, it'll be a consolation goal in a 4-1 thumping.
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    A song for Erling...

    Erling Haaland he scores goals To Dortmund we say danke Half of what nunes has cost and he's a fucking wanker
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    Darwin Nunez

    He's 14-1 Alvarez is worth a punt at 40-1
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