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    The Title Race | How many points to win the league?

    Over 3 consecutive seasons.
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    Winning and unbeaten runs

    Went on the football special that day, great memories.
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    Winning and unbeaten runs

    Forgot about the cup games.
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    Winning and unbeaten runs

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    Winning and unbeaten runs

    I thought we had got a draw that day but just checked and it was the season after that ended 2-2. Just had a look at how many games since defeat and it was only 14, I would of put money on it being 16.
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    Winning and unbeaten runs

    I was there that day but I thought we drew.
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    Young Philip W Foden on Balotelli

    His one and only assist for us, not a bad one though.
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    City & FFP | 2020/21 Accounts released | Revenues of £569.8m, £2.4m profit (p 2395)

    This is really bad, it could lead to heads actually exploding.
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    What's this individual quality in attack you talk of, tell me more.
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    I think VAR is definitely here to stay. How I envisaged VAR working on its introduction, was to give the referee another opportunity to see a major Incident he was unsure of. If for instance the only outside interference was for offside and the on pitch referee was left to do the rest. For the...
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    Totally agree.
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    Incidents I have seen in rugby the referee will ask VAR ( ref miked up) to have look at an incident such as a try. VAR then give their opinion, then the referee will look at the monitor and make is own decision, even if it means going against VAR. In the premier league once VAR as asked the...
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    I think the problem with VAR at the moment is that the people who are making the decisions are not the referees. If the ref was asked to review the Arsenal penalty would definitely have been given ( that's why the media are saying he should of been asked to go to the pitch side monitor). What...
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    Chelsea v Liverpool preferred outcome

    Chelsea seem to disagree
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    Arsenal (A) - Sat 1st Jan, 12:30 | Pre-Match Thread

    It's like wearing my lucky socks, don't feel good if it's not you who has posted the team.
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