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    Carabao Cup Final Post-Match Thread

    Brilliant win!!!!! Three in a row is hard as hell to do in any competition. Credit to Villa, they put up a fight and made the last few minutes nervy. Well worth waking up at 2.30 in the morning to watch. Foden is going to be a special player. Credit to Stones for his performance after his...
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    Leicester City (A) - Post-Match Thread

    Great win, and happy Jesus scored after his disaster of a game with his finishing against West Ham. Mendy is nearly there now, which is great to see. Laporte makes a world of difference to our line up. Bring on Real, expecting them to play defensive and physical against us. Have to say the two...
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    UEFA FFP investigation - CAS decision to be announced Monday, 13th July 9.30am BST

    I'll add to that as a City fan in Australia the news of this ban was all over the local news websites as the lead story, was all over the local 6 o'clock news as one of the lead stories when compared to us winning the league last season was just a sports story, same as the 93.20 moment also...
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    Has this season turned the laws of the game a farce?

    The Aussie version is just the same as the one used at the World Cup, I'd gladly take that in the Premier League, it fucking works and is transparent. Cheers for that we have enough of them burning atm.
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    Has this season turned the laws of the game a farce?

    Why don't FIFA step in and say this is the VAR set up everyone uses and end the bloody farce? Seems logical to me for them to do what they're supposed to do. VAR wasn't a issue at the World Cup, not to what it is in the Premier League. How the Van Dijk handball for the Scousers goal against...
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    Sheffield United (H) - Post-Match Thread

    Agreed there. I've been thinking it for a while, seemed a obvious move to make for me. We look better with Fernandinho in the middle and Rodri at the back.
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    Sheffield United (H) - Post-Match Thread

    Happy with the three points after the Wolves debacle. KDB man of the match, Mahrez a close second. Garcia played well, can't help but wonder after the second half why we haven't slot Rodri in at the back to put Fernandinho in his ideal spot. Worked wonders in the second half.
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    Wolves - post match

    Great post. The injuries got us, we still have a fair few of them now obviously which has exposed us, Kompany's loss is massive as well. But the effort the last two seasons firstly to get 100 points, and to follow it up with 98 and beat Liverpool to the title last season, and winning the...
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    Wolves - post match

    Pissed off more then gutted. The moment Ederson lost his head we were up against it against a side we generally struggle with. Fuck even Sterling's first goal was a complete joke. I don't blame Pep for taking De Bruyne off, with the ridiculous fixture we have, and David out we need KDB for...
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    Wolves - post match

    Obvious why De Bruyne was taken off with another game in less then 48 hours. Thank the Premier League fixture for that one.
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    Deal agreed with Bayern Munich for Leroy Sane - €60m (including add-ons)

    Has it been said if he ruptured his ACL or not? The statement is pretty vague just says he needs a operation on it as he's injured his ACL. I'm guessing he has ruptured it judging by the players social media posts, that would mean most of the season he would be out.
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    Community shield Post match thread

    Neither did you so what's your point? You looked just vulnerable in the first half with your full backs getting exposed by the ball over the top in the first half. If Sane didn't go down you were in all sorts. You can paint the picture anyway you like, if De Bruyne is at his peak you are 2/3...
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    Match Thread | Liverpool vs Man City Charity Shield (04/08/19)

    Good first half. We could've been another goal or two up if De Bruyne was at his best. Rodri looks good, a few nervy moments but to be expected, Bravo looks reborn. Zinchenko is having a hard time against Salah, but he won't be the only one this season. I do long for a day when we get a match...
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    How Excited are you for this Coming Season?

    Very excited for the season ahead. Am excited for the Community Shield and ready to do it all again. Can't wait for all the early morning wake ups, and the run ahead. I still don't believe any side is anywhere near us with De Bruyne looking fully fit, and Rodri added to the squad. Liverpool...
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    Deal agreed with Bayern Munich for Leroy Sane - €60m (including add-ons)

    I thought that was the clearest sign that he is staying. Bayern and their lackies can bang on and on all they want but I feel he is staying. Any chance of a move and he wouldn't have played at all. Pep has said his bit, the contract talks will continue so see how it all falls out in the end. I'm...
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