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    United Thread - 2022/23

    No CL football, no trophies in last couple of years, and notoriously poor stories coming out of the club altogether takes quite a hit on the club's attractiveness. Might not have been so obvious in the past, but the prestige of the club's name is waning quickly and it's becoming clearer and...
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    Yeah, no. I'd wager there are younger players out there with half the price, carries half the ego. and puts in twice the work.
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    Gabriel Jesus | The Athletic - £45m agreement reached with Arsenal

    Even the top strikers miss chances all the time. I have seen Salah smack the ball straight at the keeper in 1v1s more times than I count but you don't hear anyone talking about how he's a bad finisher (which he is not, obviously). Somehow when it's a City player, it gets blown out of proportion.
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    Gabriel Jesus | The Athletic - £45m agreement reached with Arsenal

    Wish him all the best. Always plays with the heart of a lion. Will remember him fondly as the one who scored the record 100th goal. Personally think he can do better than Arsenal. Good luck to his future.
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    Raheem Sterling

    I found it strange. Throughout the season I see posts on Twitter calling for Sterling to be sold. Now that he might actually be sold, they are freaking out.
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    Mike Riley to stand down as head of PGMOL

    Good. About time he fucks off.
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    Best XI post 2008 takeover

    Eddy Walker Vinnie Dias Cancelo (odd our best LB in a decade is a natural RB) Dinho KDB Yaya David Silva Tevez Aguero I think we are blessed with an affinity for great midfielders that I had to shift Silva to the wings for Yaya. Couldn't even fit other greats like De Jong, Gundo, Bernardo...
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    United Thread - 2022/23

    Genius surrounded by genius friends - one of which pointing a gun at the cameraman, all of them having their finger on the trigger. Geniuses.
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    United Thread - 2022/23

    Also seen Chelsea linked with Neymar. If any are true, it will be a strange transfer policy from the new owners
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    United Thread - 2022/23

    You know, it will delight me seeing them relegated too.
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    Kalvin Phillips | £42m deal agreed with Leeds according to reports

    Good signing IMO for that price. Home-grown, England team international and a solid player. Excellent window so far.
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    United Thread - 2022/23

    Anderson slamming into Richards and no penalty. The leeway Baconface got away with back in the days. Turns out referee intimidation can't stop you losing 1-6 and the title on goal difference.
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    #10 | Jack Grealish - 2021/22 Performances

    Nice to see fans defending Jack in the media, from a United fan nonetheless. Saw the viral video too, delightfully heartwarming. Jack really come across as a genuine and nice lad, despite what the papers print. Personally, couldn't care less what he does on his holidays.
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    Liverpool Thread - 2021/22

    Hahaha, just like when they don't need Sterling cuz they have Jordan Ibe.
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    Kolarov retires

    Incredible left foot. Always feared for whoever took headers from his rocket crosses.Was a solid CB under Pep and personally think he doesn't get enough recognition for that. Had his flaws as a player but did well for us for the most part. Always love to see him in the City Youtube vods playing...
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