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    2015/16 Home Kit

    In a forum full of wind ups, digs and sarcastic comments, this may be my favourite quote ever Bravo
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    What have you treated yerself to recently

    Sorry Using a # I've no idea if that's sarcasm or merely a comment Either way; I kinda hope my dad will appreciate it, and am pleased that my daughter, now matter how young loved the idea of her dad having a rare treat :-)
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    What have you treated yerself to recently

    :-) My dad is rather excited I must admit it's quite a lovely feeling ; I'm not rich by any standard; we'll certainly not rich enough to spend this kind of money on a single bottle. I work hard to make sure my daughter has a lovely life So the thought of me and my dad sharing an expensive...
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    What have you treated yerself to recently

    I've just bought a bottle of Macallan 1996 18 Year Old Sherry Oak My work gave me an instant reward voucher for a job well done I decided to treat myself to a nice bottle of whiskey Its a bit weird to spend so much on myself I usually use these kind of things on my daughter, but this time at...
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    TV Series

    iZombie started last night, its written by the same people who did Veronica Mars pretty good reviews so far A medical student who becomes a zombie joins a Coroner's Office in order to gain access to the brains she must reluctantly eat so that she can maintain her humanity. But every brain she...
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    Any Anime/Manga fans here?

    Attack on Titan is superb, I've never had so many WTF moments watching any TV show, episode 5 is genuinely terrifying and will leave you thinking "holy s*** what did I just see?" Can't recommend it enough
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    TV Series

    Sorry dont know if already mentioned but a few gems are: Justified Orphan Black Lilyhammer And for easy viewing White Collar Suits Castle Oh and the first 2 seasons of Misfits
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    Anybody any ideas about art? Another 5 paintings added

    Apologies but I've got to to ask who painted that picture It's great
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    funniest thing i have read in years

    not sure if this has been posted They Dared To Dream: How Rodgers' Liverpool Went So Close some cracking reviews so far
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    Things you just dont say

    that was my point exactly as she mithered on about it I asked her surely knowing me you may have thought a little bit of that kind of knowledge may have been a tad beneficial beforehand ahh well
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    Things you just dont say

    I was invited by a girl I knew to a summer BBQ Drink flowed; I was very chatty, telling jokes etc Everything was going well; the hosts and their friends were all laughing at my stories, the girl I was with was most impressed that I got on with her work colleagues so well. After a while the...
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    United thread 2013/14

    I don't post often but a poster was put up in my work advertising a book sale The main pic was showing they'd have the GPC's book on sale I couldn't resist I'm very proud of myself today
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    Newcastle Vs City Post match Discussion Thread

    Tears in my eyes Girlfriends looking at me just smiling, nodding her head in agreement
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    Greatest Ever M.C.F.C. Away Kit - 2009/11 White Sash

    Re: Away Kits Rnd 1 - 09/10 Black v 96/97 Maroon & White - pg 18 I'm gonna have to say the 96/7 kit; it's f'kin foul but I always take it on holiday; my missus's f'kin hates it, though it's always good when it gets recognised by fellow blues, and has resulted in many chats n beers round the...
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    Mancini's celebration

    Sorry not embedded But here ya go <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... ata_player</a> Lovely!!!
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