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    Media Thread - 2020/21

    On the same show Nedum Onuoha is an absolute breath of fresh air. Excellent analysis and even his digs at United were flawlessly delivered .
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    Premier League games 12/13/14 January

    I noticed after the Cavani incident, Maguire must’ve sprinted 80 yards to complain to the ref. Plus, for all those saying Maguires header should’ve stood, it was fatty Shaw that crossed it who shouldn’t be anywhere near the pitch .
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    Where is the single most beautiful place you have been?

    No ,the sea is behind it . Duh !
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    Where is the single most beautiful place you have been?

    You know that beach in Pirates of The Caribbean?
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Birmingham FA Cup (10/01/21)

    VAR only check the penalty . Ref didn’t give the foul so there’s nothing VAR could do
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Birmingham FA Cup (10/01/21)

    Have we disrespected the opposition yet ?
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    Wembley omen at Wolverhampton racecourse?

    On Boxing Day , I had £20 on Bluemoon Risin which romped it at 9/1 prompting me to put some on Cityzen Serg running on 30th Dec . Must’ve been Sergio riding it that day :( City Derby came in today at Lingfield .
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    Top 10 players of the Mansour era

    1. Dave 2. FFS . Thats it .
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    Colin Bell RIP (p18) BBC Football Focus tribute P138

    A post from the opposite viewpoint if I may . ive been lucky enough to go in the boxes on many occasions in the last few years , always with diehard blues who have been there forever. We never specifically asked for a player to come and visit us but the one player we would never have asked...
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    Micah Richards - The Pundit

    As if bitching about the present squad isn’t enough, there are folk who try to pick on Micha s punditry too . Maybe, just maybe , the boy is picking his moments and once he’s fully ingratiated in Murdoch’s Empire , he can go full on Citeh . I mean, I recall my first day at work where I told...
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    Premier League Games 28/29/30 December

    World class there by Pogba
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    Premier League Games 26/27 December

    I remember the Monaco away game when there was (I think ) 4 minutes of added on time . There were delays as expected in the added on and the ref blew with about 10 seconds left of the 4 . I mentioned it ( I was in a bar in France , skiing with various fans of other clubs ) and nobody understood...
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