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    I love the Goat

    i have no doubt what so ever he would still do a job in this team!!!! FEED THE GOAT AND HE WILL SCORE
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    Lee, Bell, Summerbee statue

    i would love a statue of shaun goater !!!!! feed the goat
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    What got you supporting City?

    my dad cheers dad
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    Is Adebayor a lazy, poor player?

    he is shite, spends way to much time thinking he is a winger!!
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    Am I now old?

    you have been old for 8years mate!!!! hoho
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    BlackBerry or i phone

    iphone all day long
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    To Those going to Amsterdam

    fly Wednesday from Liverpool at 6.35am cant wait hoho
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    10 men, we've only got 10 men

    hoho loved watching that again.
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    Grub battle FINAL Bangers and mash Vs Roast beef dinner p95

    Re: The Grub battle Roast lamb dinner Vs the Roast Beef. beef
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    Rosler or Quinn?

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    England s/s shirt for a tenner - JJB eBay.

    wouldnt wanna waste a tenner shit shirt, shite team even worse manager
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    Ajax away !!!!

    think 6am'ish 24th oct come home friday 9am
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    Ajax away !!!!

    we got flights from liverpool yesterday for £120 after threatening to go london for flights, do a 12hr coach ride plus other bonkers ideas was a fair price was gonna do long haul travel but rather pay extra for the comfort off getting home easy dont mind travelling to get there but u only...
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