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    Czech Republic v England | Euro 2020 Group Stage | Tuesday 22nd June 2021

    No hiding place in the next match, the pundits will have their work cut out.
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    Czech Republic v England | Euro 2020 Group Stage | Tuesday 22nd June 2021

    I never knew that 2 Czech players played for West Ham, news to me.
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    Media Thread 2020/21

    Scotland lead story on six o clock news, incredible.
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    Media Thread 2020/21

    BBC news love in with Wales continues, 5 minute report in a 25 minute news bulletin.
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    Inside No. 9

    Didn't get it tonight?.
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    I went down to Eastbourne at the weekend and was pleasantly surprised, the local council had the promenades and beach areas regularly cleaned and bagged off. Yes there was a chavvy element about but I saw no anti social behaviour at all.
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    Scotland v Czech Republic | Euro 2020 Group Stage | Monday 14th June 2021

    The commentary was full of clichés and straw clutching.
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    Happy Birthday Roy Harper

    When an old cricketer leaves the crease was superb.
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    CPR don’t be afraid to have a go

    I retired a few years ago from my cabin crew job, I don't think I will ever forget my fantastic first aid training.
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    ******Cricket Thread******

    Shouldn't imagine Warwickshire are too pleased having employed staff and ordered food and drink.
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    Turkey v Italy | Euro 2020 Group Stage | Friday 11th June 2021

    At least the ref isnt taking any nonsense.
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    ******Cricket Thread******

    A four day match is looking likely.
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    ******Cricket Thread******

    Is Sibley still at the crease?.
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