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    Who should be our next captain?

    In time Rodri
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    Harry Maguire

    We overpaid for mangala at the same time we got fernando ? Done due to agents fee being higher on Fernando so paid less for Fernando with less agent cut and overpaid on Mangala ? Does anybody remember?
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    Spiegel: Leaked European Super League information

    FAKE NEWS !!!! looks like a load of rubbish to me
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    It's quiet... summer 2018.

    Can’t see this one happening at all ! All my family are big WBA fans , Foster more committed to the area he lives rather that a club as such . He was the first player to come out and say he was stopping at WBA . He has declined England call ups in the past as he really is more of a family man ...
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    Matthijs de Ligt

    I stated a while back that Vinny was being paid off at end of season ?? ( Karen ? ) with De Ligt being only 18 , that would mean he has a chance to become HG !
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    It's quiet... summer 2018.

    Sorry Karen since you are being picky , where was Joe Hart’s sympathy ? Did he leave on his terms then I assume ? I don’t think so where did u get that idea from lol I repeat , I like Vinny , I think there is a problem with him and pep that is all . No need for rag calling
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    It's quiet... summer 2018.

    Never dressed it up as fact just put it out there that I had read about it to see if anybody else had too . It is a forum after all , I just can’t see VK taking a squad place next season . Many times Pep says he can’t rely on him , club VS. country argument etc
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    It's quiet... summer 2018.

    No , I’ve read elsewhere about it , but that article shows the £8m I was talking about . I’m just putting it out there , that is what I read at the time . I read most articles/media re: City lots and lots
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    It's quiet... summer 2018.
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    It's quiet... summer 2018.

    Couple of months back I read about it that’s why I asked if anybody else had heard the same . Everybody keeps including Vinnie . Btw I love Vinnie he’s a club legend , I just think he’s out of Pep’s plans for future .
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    It's quiet... summer 2018.

    Tolmie said crack players = one of the best in their position 4 green lights = agreed deals I thought Vinnie had been given £8M and told to walk away at the end of the season ? Pep doesn’t like his influence around the team he knows he won’t get a squad number next season imo . 1= Fred done...
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    Watford (a) post-match

    Nice guy Eddie
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    City v Liverpool (Home) Pre-Match Thread

    Need YAYA for Fern imo
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    It's Quiet - a new dawn

    A new David Pizarro needed who DOESN'T give the ball away .... a YAYA type , Naingolan , Him at Bayern the other Chilean ?? ... ( Vidal ) A BALL PLAYER
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