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    Lyon CL QF Post-Match Thread

    Will we ever be.?
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Lyon (15/08/20)

    He'll say we played well, but not well enough, he's proud of the team, blah blah fucking blah.
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    17 year old lad stabbed to death in Moss Side tonight

    I've corrected the typo now cheers.
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    17 year old lad stabbed to death in Moss Side tonight

    Not far from my house, the Police Helicopter was hovering for ages round hear. Such a sad waste of a young life.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Bournemouth (15/07/20)

    At least Stones will be fucked off, thankfully.
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    Liverpool (H) Post-Match Thread

    Klippity has spat his dummy out, suddenly can't understand English the prick.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Liverpool (02/07/20)

    Tyler is a 100% 18 carat gold tosser of the highest order.
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    I sense trouble on Thursday

    No doubt going to kick off with some passing stranger too
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    2 free NOW TV passes for season ticket holders

    I download the Nowtv app on my phone and watch it that way.
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    Music Association Game

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    City Fan Engagement Research Project

    Is there a question about the WIFI inside the stadium?, you know the one that we've all been telling them is uteri shite via these surveys for years but fuck all has be done about it.
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    United (a) post-match thread

    FFS Mani, I came on here (a football forum) a had a bit of rant after we got needlessly beat, as did many others, not seen you commenting on any of their posts , anyway in answer to your question I post when I feel the need. If if makes you happy, If we win on Wednesday I will post something...
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    United (a) post-match thread

    Sadly, am on a 12 hour night shift bud, but I will clap clap clap when I'm heading home at 0600, you have a good night.
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    United (a) post-match thread

    Yeah off I pop mate, I'll leave you to your happy clapping.
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    United (a) post-match thread

    Eddie needs to pick himself up and get his fucking act together for Wednesday, Sterling's served his purpose and should move on, and Pep needs a complete re think.
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