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    Season tickets renewal?

    I am one of those having to up sticks because of these new electronic advertising boards. I was SS lower Block 114 row 2 pretty close to the aways. Am waiting for notification of when I can relocate and choose my new seat. I hope to get as close to my previous seat as possible.
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    Chelsea (H) | Post-Match Thread

    Full strength team needed today, plenty of time before the CL final to rest players. Kun has a lot to answer for too.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Chelsea (08/05/21)

    If I didn't know better I' d swear Kun is having us over.
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    United thread 2020/21

    You can bet your life that If any arrest are made and charges brought after today's debacle that Neville will be providing those Involed with the finest legal team possible.
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    Sack Neville

    And that alone is 100% a good enough reason to sack the prick. I wonder if SSN will re run the interview followed by Neville showing his full support for everything that occurred today.
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    United thread 2020/21

    Gets me that Neville, Carrahger and Keane, kept stressing that they don't know fully what's go on outside. That's load of bollox, Sky would of had staffers and cameras out and about who would of been passing it all back to the producers and studio director who in turn would be feeding it to...
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    United thread 2020/21

    Neville thinks that a copper having his face slashed is all part of a peaceful protest. Needs sacking and banned from any football prsenter - punditry roles anywhere In the world ever again.
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    Stupid little things that make you happy.

    The first brew of the day, nice strong cup of Yorkshire Tea.
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    Repercussions - From the PL, FA, UEFA and within the Club

    Half price season tickets when we are allowed back would be nice.
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    The Super League | FA: Official Inquiry + PL: New Charter & Fines + UEFA: Settlement

    Really glad that City have pulled out of this shit, still leaves a bad taste in your mouth though, a full explanation and apology is needed.
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    Seasoncard Renewal - Yes or No?

    I was told a few months ago now that I would have to relocate from my seat (which was SS level 1 row 2 near the aways) due to the instalment of an electronic advertising hoarding. Depending whether or not I could of got close to where I was and near to the people that I was around me would of...
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    Injury Updates

    Wouldn't surprise me if KDB aside, Pep picks the same team as with Chelski for Villa and Spurs, Pete.
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    Chelsea - FA Cup SF | Post-Match Thread

    At least three on that pitch today need shipping out, I think we all know who they are.
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