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    Arsenal (N) FA Cup Semi Final pre match thread

    Due a cup semi win against the Tarquins
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    CAS judgement: UEFA ban overturned, City exonerated (report out p603)

    Get in the blues. Proves we have the right guys at the top of the club who do things properly unlike the old days. Hope plenty of blues got on the 8/1 odds Paddy power were offering on no ban and took them to the cleaners.
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    Man of the Match Brighton PL (A)

    Good all round team performance, MOTM Sterling for his goals. Impressed with Garcia.
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    Man of the Match Liverpool PL (H)

    One KDB standout.
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    Liverpool (H) Post-Match Thread

    Great performance from KDB, owned the dippers. Get in.
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    Aguero 93:20 8th Anniversary 16:53 Wednesday

    Interesting read on the bbc website today as told by those involved on the day, Micah, Lescott and Nedum back at City for the 1st time for QPR. I didn't realise that was Balottelli's only ever assist in a Premier league game. What an assist to have !
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    Man of the Match Man United PL (A)

    Hard to choose anyone today but went for Mahrez, we seemed to show a bit more urgency when he came on. Still we could have played for another 90 mins and still not scored. All good and well passing the ball well and having lots of possession but pointless if you don't do it quickly and open up...
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    Carabao Cup Final Post-Match Thread

    City creating history, only 1 behind the dippers now in total number of League Cup wins.
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    Man of the Match Aston Villa Carabao Cup Final

    Foden for me,then Fernandinho.
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    Penalty Taker

    As long as it goes in I don't care
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    Man of the Match Manchester United Carabao Cup S/F 2nd Leg (H)

    Bernardo best of a poor bunch tonight
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    Man of the Match Sheffield United PL (A)

    I though Mahrez looked dangerous most of the time so gave it to him. He is looking good now he is getting a run in the team with his confidence up. Kun does what he does...sticks the ball in the net, world class movement to be there, made it look easy, when he goes we will miss him.
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    Man of the Match Crystal Palace PL (H)

    Sergio for me, with a positive showing from Mendy.
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    Crystal Palace (H) Pre-Match Thread

    I'm expecting a big performance after the players have had a bit of a rest week. Just have to watch Palace breaking on us.
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