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    Is your work still having an xmas party and are you going?

    Have not been to work christmas party for many years, think as you get older and more senior the novelty wears off and work relationships have changed and the legal consequences - but its good for people to enjoy themselves. (OR have too much alcohol cause they dont drink much, grope each...
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    The It’s a bit windy weekend thread

    lol bloody frozen today and hands so numb cound not putt....3 woods to greens I hit wedge to a few weeks ago.. but loved it!
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    The It’s a bit windy weekend thread

    I am playing golf in morning, bollix to a bit of wind and dont care if wind chill -3 .... it will be fun!
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    Kids/adults running into the pitch after the final whistle

    I saw this on TV - my thoughts at time - as much it is fucking 'cute' for some the fact is the kid was on the pitch, not being parented AND was given the shirt by CITY player will only encourage more of this behaviour - if not prevented more will do it, then more risk a child is injured in the...
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    United (A) Post Match Thread

    Watched game back and it was like watching my son kill me playing FIFA on X box and taking piss (it only needed Eddie to dribble ball past McGuire and score ffs!) - I love you Ole and as as regards that prick CR7 I did not think I could detest him any more.....but I do after that attempt on Kev...
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    Manchester United (A) - Sat 6 Nov 12:30 | Pre-Match Thread

    Same here, great away trip.....used to meet up at big pub on hill Fernstead I think....happy times.
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    Sergio Aguero set to announce retirement from football (P30)

    God I really do miss him, glad to hear he will be okay - always will be a Blue.
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    Going Green to save Planet Earth

    With all the news on climate armageddon and OAPS using super glue to stick themselves to roads I thought I need to change my behaviour.....ditch my diesel car.....go my, me and family off for a week in Whitby, I priced up the train cost for 2 adults and child return...
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    Interest rates

    I recall working in housing when rates 15%, hard times for many who lost homes got in debt - negative house prices......hopefully wont go that high again...they will go up as can not get lower!
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    Golf Thread

    ive signed up for seniors winter league and the weekend winter comps.....never played golf over winter before but with this climate change probably be 20 degrees in December ffs .... it will keep me ticking over as golf has kept me sane last 2 years!
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    Alcohol, hints, tips, advice etc.

    alcohol and me have always been doing batttle for years, my dad was was alcoholic and it killed him....he showed up pissed when I played football, when I was 11 I came home from school and found him in bedroom bleeding from cutting his wrists......he was ill, simple. I fight it everyday but I...
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    Newcastle United Thread - 2021/22

    Great news for fans of Newcastle, used to live there and happy times down Big Market and on the Boat with the revolving dance floor......and the lasses! not sure why all media fuss over Saudi money when UK been selling them £billions of weapons for years to kill people and the UK royal family...
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    Drinking alcohol in your seat

    beer in ground is shite and we would have too many weak bladder people going to toilet every minute and blocking my view.......I like a beer or two but prefer before game and I can wait till half time.....
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    Golf Thread

    Stay calm, today is Europes day the boys will come good!
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    PSG Home tickets

    Ive come out of all cup schemes this season so just going to a few cup games when I can, anyone have an idea when home tickets for PSG go on sale and how many tickets can a SC holder buy? Had a look on CITY website but no info (unless you want to spend £450 for cooperate ticket!)
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