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    Return of Supporters | No Away Fans at Last 2 PL Games (Pg 354)

    It's easy to not drink. Might do some others some good, judging by the states I've seen at games. Beak is included in that as well.
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    Return of Supporters | No Away Fans at Last 2 PL Games (Pg 354)

    Thanks. Thought something like that. Will watch at home. Had to do iit for so long now that oe more game ain't going to matter that much.
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    Return of Supporters | No Away Fans at Last 2 PL Games (Pg 354)

    I live in the Home Counties but was a bit confused by these 250 tickets for fans here. Are they the same rules and ticket points as those in Northern postcodes? I doubt I will have enough posts plus I'm not on cup scheme. Doubt few down here are. Most can't be bothered seeing City v a lower...
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    Premier League games 27/28 feb & 1st march

    If the title race was a match we would be 3-0 up now with 15 minutes to go
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    Real Madrid home game travel from Glasgow

    Looking for a lift for two from Wycombe/Aylesbury/Bicester/Banbury area to Real Madrid home. One of us going up and two of us coming back down. Can meet you anyhere locally. Give you petrol money and honestly we're dead funny, the pair of us. I know loads of good jokes.
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    Arsenal (h) - Wed 11 March

    Spare. CB 324. Good view. £20.91 on Paypal Goods and Services (£20 cost).
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    West Ham at home

    Absolutely amazed that there is not one ticket for CB3 being sold on here.
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    Booing the champions league anthem

    I'm going to sing the words
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    West Ham at home

    Know this post was a bit ago but is this still avaialble?
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    West Ham (h) pre-match thread

    BMG & Sunderland
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    West Ham (h) pre-match thread

    Any blues who live Aylesbury, Leighton Buzzard, Thame, Wycombe, Amersham way and have a spare seat in the car for the West Ham game, I would be very graeful. I am booked on the train but this bad
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    New City Pub To Open Inside the Stadium

    No, I can't afford that. I work in marketing and it's all abut demographics. You have to diversify the product to appeal to difffernt types of people
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    Everton home 17:30 KO New Years day 2020

    Im after one pref in CB or East.
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    Leicester home

    What block is this, please? Is this regualr adult?
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