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    Cup finals...

    1986 Full Members Cup Final v Chelsea
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    Wheres everyone drinking at Wembley?

    I’m in the Royal Oak, its all Villa apart from me and the wife
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    Carabao Cup Final Ticket

    Still got 1 spare for sale, Block 104, row 25 £90 Already down in London so would have to meet at Wembley
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    Carabao Cup Final Ticket

    It’s yours mate, just need to work out how to get it to you/payment
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    Carabao Cup Final Ticket

    I always get Wembley tickets from a neighbour of mine who works for the football league. I have to put my order in as soon as the semi final is over. Unfortunately due to illness I have been left with 1 spare ticket which I’ve already paid for. It’s a £90 ticket in Block 104 Row 25 seat No 46...
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    New City Pub To Open Inside the Stadium

    Named after the pub that used to be at the corner of the old Hyde rd ground (Can’t remember the name)
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    Ref for Carabao cup final?

    For City fans of a certain age the worst has to be Alf Grey
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    Match Thread | Oxford vs Manchester City (25/09/18)

    Any chance of the link please
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    Let's hear it for Edin Dzeko

    Gerry Creaney Gareth Taylor Bob Taylor
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    Limericks about Footballers

    The purple nosed piss can from Glasgow Said "in my life they'll win fukin zero" But on 13th of May On a glorious day He'd reckoned without Kun Aguero
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    Limericks about Footballers

    At rovers he knew they weren't in it So the rags said “come here and you'll win it” On the last day of the season He smiled with good reason Until Kun scored in the 93rd minute
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    Limericks about Footballers

    An Italian whose first name was Bob Said "I fancy the man city job" So he built a great squad Was revered like a God Then replaced by a Chilean knob
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    Limericks about Footballers

    There was once a fat scouse kid called Wayne Who's baldness was causing him pain So he shagged an old granny Shaved the pubes from her fanny Now he dons a short curly grey mane
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    Free download - my Joe Mercer biog (limited time)

    Thanks Gary, downloaded both.
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