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    Criticism of Pep

    Worrying to hear Pep say it's his final period here. Rebuild needed in summer, so whats the point in only rebuilding for just one more season?
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    Penalty Taker

    I would literally give anything for Ederson to be our penalty taker. I love that man,
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    Wolves - post match

    Terrible 2nd half. Downward slide stated with Sterling's stupid, lazy touch that lead to Wolves' first. The less said about Mendy the better.
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    Post Match Thread - United (h)

    I said the exact same thing in the pub. It starts with Jesus having a proper trampoline touch. Easy ball to make stick as well.
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    Post Match Thread - United (h)

    An absolute fucking disgrace to get beaten on their cup final. They're one of the worst teams I've seen at the Etihad and we made them look ok. Mistakes all over the place. Ederson beaten at his near post, Bernardo's tackle for the penalty was fucking brainless, Jesus missed an easy header...
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    Newcastle (a) post-match thread

    Mendy miscontrolling an easy ball led to their free kick. He dropped 0/10. Never seen the likes of it from a player. How slow was Rodri to get out to Shelvey? Stunning strike but he had so much time to pick his spot. Not reinforcing properly in the Summer was fucking criminal.
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    Liverpool thread 2019/20

    I think it really is their year this year. So many stuffy last minute winners. They were losing the game in the 88th minute and still fucking won in the 95th.
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    Premier League Games 2/3 November

    Fuck off Villa you useless ****s.
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    Southampton (H) League Cup 4th Round - Pre Match Thread

    Can anyone sort me out with a stream via pm?
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    Crystal Palace (A) Post-Match Thread

    Professional performance. VAR is absolutely useless. Corrupt, but we all knew that anyway.
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    Premier League Games 19/20/21 October

    Just shows how bent the game has become. Our goal was chalked off for a miles less obvious handball.
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    Wolves (H) Post-Match Thread

    For a start he played the same midfield as the one that started against Norwich.
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    Wolves (H) Post-Match Thread

    Disgusting. Pep picking that midfield was criminal. Almost as criminal as not replacing Vinny in summer. Otamendi a disgrace. Actually, all of them a disgrace.
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    Premier League Games 5/6 October

    It’s so corrupt. Honestly don’t know why we’re bothering. This season by hell or high water the FA will gift it to this horrible Scouse bastards.
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    Premier League Games 28/29/30 Sept

    They've been going in Liverpool's favour for 18 months ffs.