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    Handing Down Allegiance

    I have posted on this forum before that I was brought up being told that supporting the rags was not an option and my lad didn't have a choice either. Like some others on this thread he is a 4th generation blue. My dad started watching City in the 40's and used to go to Maine Road every week so...
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    Jimmy Wagg hangs up his microphone on Saturdays after 31 years

    He said on the show last week that at the start of the season he told everyone at Radio Manchester that this would be his last season doing the show, confirmed it again today. Has done the show for 31 years without ever missing one Saturday which is something in itself. He is still doing a show...
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    Kevin De Bruyne - 2019/20 Performances

    Saw a tweet today which showed at least 25 other potential assists that were created by Kev which were either missed or saved with Raz and Gabby being the main culprits. He no doubt leads the league in that category as well! Just which he had the skill and vision of Hendo
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    First record you ever bought?

    First single Jeepster by T Rex First Album Sladest by Sladest Classic. 70's glam rock
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Norwich (26/07/20)

    Mixture of poor finishing, back luck and their keeper playing well, just like most games this season
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Norwich (26/07/20)

    Norwich defending like they are one up
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    Wonder if this falling of people in hospital is down to better treatments or as that Doctor in Italy said that the virus isn't as potent as it was in the earlier phase.
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    Watford (A) Post-Match Thread

    He's a glory hunting rag as well
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    Match Thread | Watford vs Man City (21/07/20)

    I'll throw in Bob Latchford
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    Man of the Match Arsenal FA Cup s/f (N)

    Eddie, as he kept us in the game in the first half
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    Match Thread | Arsenal vs Man City FA Cup (18/07/20)

    It's going to be one of those games like Southampton
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    Match Thread | Arsenal vs Man City FA Cup (18/07/20)

    Only when we are 3-0 up with one minute to go
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    Match Thread | Arsenal vs Man City FA Cup (18/07/20)

    But apart from that we are doing ok
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    Match Thread | Arsenal vs Man City FA Cup (18/07/20)

    We have only lost three fa cup semi finals and two of them were against Arsenal so it isn't looking good