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    Chelsea away

    in need of 2 adult tickets, can meet in city centre cheers
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    Bayern Munich Flight details.

    Re: Bayern Munich away trip on sale now cheers mate
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    Bayern Munich Flight details.

    Re: Bayern Munich away trip on sale now does anyone know how far the airport is from the ground and the city centre cheers
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    Still need one

    De Niro are you saying you need one or u got one to get rid off
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    Whos on the train ?

    my mate booked us on the 6:35 from piccadilly going to be one messy day. can we drink on the train?
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    HELP NEEDED!!!!!!!

    Just been told my my so called mate that the ticket he has got me is in the stoke end right next to the city fans. does anyone know of any stoke fans that have tickets for our end and would swap i know its a long shot but worth a try. i did try posting on the oatcake but it wouldnt let me. cheers
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    travel from bury area

    anyone help need two seats on a minibus in the bury area? cheers
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    Joey Barton-

    well said de-niro!
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    Online Football Manager - SoccerManager

    yeh im in to this at the minute,i play the free version managing city.
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    tried there website but you need to be a club member. might give the blarney stone a try. cheers
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    thanks mate,appreciate the info. looks like the red light district then instead of footy on the friday night
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    Just looking for some info guys if you can help. going to the dam in a few weeks and ajax are playing on the friday,was wondering if anyone new any good reliable places to buy tickets from and some info on how far the ground is from the centre of dam cheers
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    Band of Brothers Fans

    just finished re-watching the series and im about to start the book. What a hero and also a true gentleman. RIP Major
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    Long shot - anyone need anything taking to London?

    one tall skinny brazillian with an afro called jo,give him to hughes at fulham!
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    Ashes Fantasy League 2010-11

    4th test team cook pietersen hussey ponting johnson subs: anderson strauss
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