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    Never meet your heroes.....

    I met Micah Richards at an Alicia Keys concert filmed at Manchester Cathedral for MTG. He was so lovely I old enough to be his mother and had quite a bit of wine on board. I just walked past him and shook his hand. One of his friends offered to take a photo. Anyway I then carried on drunkenly...
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    Newcastle (a) post-match thread

    Ha ha! You'd never believe I'm educated to Masters level.....,.
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    Newcastle (a) post-match thread

    Possibly all 3!
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    Newcastle (a) post-match thread

    I think our tally of corners without a goal has probably reached 120 today! Thats depressing on its own. We lump the ball into the box when we've got the forward line of the 7 dwarves! (If I can still use thst phrase without upseting anyone!) This seriously needs addressing .....
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    'We're not really here' (Sky Sports)

    I'vecsen it when it was shown at the end of last season. It's fantastic - it triggers the same emotions for me as tge magnificent recent success!
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    New season bets

    My brother is not a gambler but I am! He asked me to see if I could get a price for Ederson to score from open play this season - so far none of the bookmakers I've tweeted are offering anything on this
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    Which moments from our history would you want to retrospectively check using VAR?

    The ridiculous handball against Micah at Anfield also the non penalty against Kevin Horlock when he got kicked in the head and had to be bandaged up! Im ashamed to say I cant remember our opponents - possibly Ipswich..... ( it's an age thing!) And Tiattos offside goal when he ran the length of...
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    If you could choose a hero for today.

    David Silva #ElMago
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    Why we will win the league!

    Klopps post match interview is crazy! A manic rambling idiot - boy is he losing it under pressure.....
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    Newcastle (a) post match thread

    We're all pissed off! - no need to be blue on blue though........
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    Newcastle (a) post match thread

    At 42 you're a young pup! I'm 58 and that makes the maths of the season ticket work - left school at 16 and bought a season ticket straight away love - oh and I've done the Tunnel Club Premier experience..........
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    Newcastle (a) post match thread

    In extra time we were still tippy tappy outside the box - needed to lob it in the box. At least give ourselves the chance of a dodgy pen Naive
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    Seeing city players out and about?

    Met Micah Richards at an Alicia Keys concert - I had a few wines on board! He was absolutely lovely i shook his hand told him it was a plasure to meet him. He gripped my hand and pulled me back and said - 'No love it's a pleasure to meet you!' I also met Shay Given at the bar at the Railway...