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    Madrid away.

    Also looking for two tickets please, in Madrid later this afternoon so can pick up tonight.
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    Fulham Away

    See Bill, I'm just as reliable as Blue Til Death :-)
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    Fulham Away

    I sent you a PM on these.
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    Leicester away Carabou Cup quarter final

    Two together for Leicester in the Cup on Tuesday for sale, face value £20 each, will post next day delivery.
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    Arsenal away tickets

    Hi, still after two tickets - if any come up, I'd be very grateful :-)
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    Arsenal away tickets

    I am also looking for two tickets for this, can collect at Wembley or do immediate bank transfer, many thanks - Lynda :-)
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    60 today.

    Happy birthday, better late than never - hopefully we'll catch up with you for a drink soon :-)
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    City v Arsenal 18th January Tickets required

    No longer required, thanks.
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    Tory Pledges before the last election.

    What an appalling thing to say to someone, you should be ashamed of yourself.
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    Munich Roll Call

    I have heard its very popular, could well be in short supply being a busy week :-)
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    Munich Roll Call

    Would you recommend it? ;-)
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    Munich Roll Call

    :-) Yes I do miss you - he didnt tell me he'd posted that.
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    Newcastle spare

    I've sent you a pm, could you let me know if the ticket is still available? Thanks.
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    Hearts Away

    I'm sure we will put up a good show nevertheless - don't ya think? ;-)
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    Hearts Away

    I'm going, that's double the amount now ;-)
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