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    fighting in the mens toilets

    Bloody hell. That's good.
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    Peter Swales!

    Nope....well probably some.
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    Happy Birthday Colin.

    Many happy returns. The King of the Kippax and THE greatest of all the City legends in my humble opinion and still my hero to this day. And against stoke, he would probably have put in a better shift than most even today. ha ha!
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    The Problem is Us, The Fans

    I sincerely respect your opinion, always do. But if we can't win ANYTHING from the team we have now, we've seriously got problems. I think if you were to give this same team to baconface, he be wetting his pants with joy and still winning. We can't keep changing, we've got to man up and allow...
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    Will Tevez bring us back?

    I think we've got every chance of finishing fourth. Or we won't, and we'll finish in the top six. I've not really seen any crisis myself, that's just the forum making you feel that! We got knocked out of the FA cup, it's happened before. So did manure, so did Arsenal. We'll be knocked out...
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    The Problem is Us, The Fans

    >>>> 4) This is not Roberto Mancini's team, it is still Mark Hughes' team I'd agree if it wasn't for this and people saying "This is Mark Hughes team". I thought we had a good team put together that needed a better manager? Are we now saying players of the likes of Ade, Phillips, Barry...
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    Will we appeal the sending off?

    I probably wouldn't, the FA are total cnuts and will probably just increase it to five matches.
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    I Love Roberto Mancini

    It's not tough, though maybe off topic to my post. Though again, you're adding things I didn't say in the post I didn't say "obviously a good manager *here*" ......I said "Obviously, Bobby knows what he's doing, he's a great manager" Anyway, this is just a forum, my opinion means as much as...
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    Ice Hockey style Sin bins?

    What always perplexes me is when a player brings down a player and injures him. The injured player has to leave the field of play and wait for the referee to bring him back into play, yet the offender gets a yellow or a talking to and is allowed to continue play! Leaving the team who was...
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    Hughes - taking the piss this weekend...

    No. I doubt this very much. I think that as City fans we're all used to doing this to our Managers for not winning, and slagging off players for one bad game, so we EXPECT him to do it back to us. But he's got nothing to prove, he liked the club, and he's a professional and will just be a gent...
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    Hughes - taking the piss this weekend...

    I think if I was sacked in the way he was I'd feel pretty pissed off as well. Though as the City manager and a Chelsea player it doesn't seem so out of the world that he'd be asked. I'll wait and see what he says about the game before making judgement.
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    I Love Roberto Mancini

    Well I can only further advise that you check out his footballing CV. He is obviously a good Manager. It would be pointless to evaluate how well he will do at City or in the PL at this stage. Anyway, here is a link on Wiki But again, I never...
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    I Love Roberto Mancini

    Crikey, not yet. I'd be extremely foolish to judge a manager based on two months of football. Even if he started a shelf stacking job at ASDA he'd get a three month probationary period, so I think, given his record, he's worth supporting. I'll wait and see what summer signings he brings in, if...
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    Sensible Poster's

    I feel 4th is very achievable if we can pick up at least a draw at Chelsea and win our game in hand with Everton. Though I'd be happy with any European football for next year, because the team can gain a lot from playing across Europe. So as I've said consistantly I'd be happy with top 6.
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