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    Mersey Gateway Bridge

    If your going by car then its £2 a pop.
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    Have you got any shows/acts planned to see this year ?

    Iron Maiden later on this month in dipperpool. Then Rainbow in June in Manchester. Can't wait for them both.
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    Best black and white war films.....

    Dunkirk is a good film and The Man Who Never Was but I can't recall if that film was in black and white.
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    City vs Chelsea pre-match thread

    Not on the bench either
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    Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow NEC Birmingham 25th June 2016

    Saw him in Liverpool in 1982 at the Empire Court. Bought the tickets from Piccadilly Records along with coach travel. I remember Bobby Rondinelli kicking his bass drum before the concert got under way. The noise just went right through me, an amazing feeling. Absolutely fantastic gig including...
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    Great axemen....

    Many thanks for the link Mr Ed. I was watching this yesterday and thought about putting this video on this very thread! However I'm not good at posting pics and vids on forums. Blackmore at his best and I'm sure this concert was after he'd been arrested in Austria the night before. Exactly 38...
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    Ritchie Blackmore

    My heart was in my mouth when I opened the thread. Thought it was going to be a R.I.P. thread. I have read JLT hinting at a reunion. With only 4 gigs penciled in for Europe I'm never going to get tickets.
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    Mike "Porky" Parry

    Fuck me that was funny I nearly shit myself with laughter
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    United Thread 2014/15

    No but you can roll it in glitter
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    Farewell Carrington Tour

    I gave blood there many years ago when I worked for the CEGB at Carrington power station when it was the Shell Club. Hope the players have sweat as much blood as I gave lol.
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    Manuel Pellegrini

    Just class.
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    West Ham Pre-Match Thread... Here we go!

    I'd say by your username around 30
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    First Gig

    You lucky git!! Would of loved to have seen that line up live. Iron Maiden The Apollo 1982.
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    Deep Purple

    In their pomp, the best live act ever. Blackmore is the God of Guitar.
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