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    Chinese made stuff.

    I work in the Surface Mount Technology industry. We have machines manufactured in Japan, Singapore and China. The Chinese ones we have to check and check and check again before installation. When carrying out maintenance or a routine repair the Chinese ones allen bolts always round off if...
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    Southampton (H) | Post Match Thread

    That game today showed why we won't win the title. Lackluster and piss poor in possession. Southampton weren't that good IMO. We made a right hash of it. No game plan and devoid of ideas. A really poor performance today by all..
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    Southampton (H) | Post Match Thread

    Gash today lads. Woeful. Couldn't break a resolute team down.
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    RB Leipzig (H) - CL | Post-Match Thread

    3 points, 6 goals. The less said about the defending the better.! Up the blues!
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    Match Thread | Man City vs RB Leipzig (16/09/21)

    Only one team looking like they want to win this. Come on city. Wake up FFS
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    Match Thread | Man City vs RB Leipzig (16/09/21)

    Needs to change it or we will concede again here
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    Match Thread | Man City vs RB Leipzig (16/09/21)

    A team of arseholes more like
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    Match Thread | Man City vs RB Leipzig (16/09/21)

    More chance of being struck by lightning
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    Match Thread | Man City vs RB Leipzig (16/09/21)

    That is unsavable. Great penalty Mahrez!
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    Match Thread | Man City vs RB Leipzig (16/09/21)

    Half the players think it's done. Wake up boys. Big 45 coming up now
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    Champions League Games 14/15 September

    You have to get near the opponent to foul him ;)
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    Leicester (A) - Post-Match Thread

    Happy with that. Leicester will take points off the other top teams. We controlled the game for large parts. A few dodgy moments, but we got away with it. CTID!
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Write these off at your peril
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