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    In the deepest close season what are you up to?

    Cricket, F1, Women's World Cup, Wimbledon, City Women.... all that should just about tide me over until pre-season :-)
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    Aguero Official & Interview [Merged]

    Re: Aguerro Official & Interview [Merged] PMSL i wanted to have his babies but apparently my brother has beat me to it lol
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    yeah soz!! bet you missed me lol
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    That's that then.

    That little shit is always grassing me up lol
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    That's that then.

    Damn, how did you find out about my party trick!
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    So whos next after sergio aguero ?

    Nasri? please?
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    How nice is my Missus?

    Actually, he let his missus give him permission to buy a shirt. Must be love lol
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    Balo makes 4chan...

    i cant help but love him, he's mental but hes ours lol
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    That's that then.

    Fancy his chances do you? I'll have you know i'm hard to get lol
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    That's that then.

    Well someone's gotta before you lot kill the poor sod!!! Actually i'm not a patient person so i'd probably kill him myself. No offence Bob lol
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    That's that then.

    I could let you watch...but Bob isnt ready for that right now. Give me time.
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    That's that then.

    Sorry, i'm gonna be busy for the next 5 years keeping Bob on the straight and narrow as a public service to the forum lol
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    get her on the depo injection = end of the monthly ;-) -- Wed Jul 27, 2011 7:42 pm -- actually some have given up on sex cos its lame ;-)<br /><br />-- Wed Jul 27, 2011 7:43 pm --<br /><br /> the rabbit would win lol
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    That's that then.

    ok Bob, i have patiently read all 62 pages and you are going to get my humble female opinion. At times during this thread i've wanted to give you a hug but mostly i wanted to slap you silly. The problem here Bob, is that you are just too nice. Girls dont like wankers for boyfriends, true... but...
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    Who eats breakfast...?

    I get bored easily so i alternate between; crumpets toasted teacake bagel and philly hot cross buns scones porridge coco pops special k crossiants I like my food....
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