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    City v Boro - Pre Match Thread

    4-0 To The Blues Ive Got Free HD STREAMS For Todays Game PM Me For A Link
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    Download - Manchester.City.vs.Manchester.United.ESPN.Match.Classics (over 3 hours)

    City v the scum classic games over 3 hours long ESPN, SDTV, 1.9GB Fast Free Download!
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    Download - EPL.2015.11.08.Aston.Villa.vs.Manchester.City.HD&SDWEBRip.720p&

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    Download - UEFA-CL Sevilla.vs.Manchester.City.SD&

    Right click and save link as or similar ;)
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    Download - UEFA-CL Sevilla.vs.Manchester.City.SD&

    SD HD
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    Download - Game Week 11 - Manchester.City.vs.Norwich.City.SD-WEBRip Channel: NBC-SC Quality: Pretty Good SD-WEBRip .TS Files 780mb - Exclusive Rip
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    Download - Manchester.United.vs.Manchester.City.SD-WEBRip.MCFC.Docs4yo SD-WEBRip .TS Files Quality: OK
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    Download - UCL.Manchester.City.v.Sevilla.Full.Game.HD 720p 30fps
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    Download Full Game | City QPR (13/05/12) SD/HQ/HD
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    Download - Manchester City vs Newcastle United HDTV 720p

    Channel: Prem League Pass HDTV 720p 30fps
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    Download - Borussia Monchengladbach vs Manchester City SD-WEBRip

    Download - Borussia Monchengladbach vs Manchester City SD-WEBRip UEFA.Champs.League.Game.Week.2.Borussia.Monchengladbach.vs.Manchester.City.1st.Half.SD-WEBRip Channel: BT Sport SD-WEBRip .TS Files - 450mb (HDTV File On Site about midnight)...
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    Download - Tottenham.Hotspur.vs.Manchester.City.HDTV.30fps + SD-WEBRip

    You dont want to watch the 2nd half anyway
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    Download - Tottenham.Hotspur.vs.Manchester.City.HDTV.30fps + SD-WEBRip

    Ive tested the videos on VLC-Player - Google TV - Smart TV - plays fine on them all. Install VLC player it will work on that ;)
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    Download - Tottenham.Hotspur.vs.Manchester.City.HDTV.30fps + SD-WEBRip

    Download - Channel: Premier League Pass HDTV 720p 30fps - 3.9GB HD SD...
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    Download - Capital.One.Cup.3rd.Rnd.Sunderland.v.Manchester.City. - HDTV 1080p & SD-WEBRip

    Your welcome ive added a better quality rip feel free to download it ;)
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