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    Season Tickets - 2021/22

    Now placed. Thanks.
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    Norwich home

    3 spare, seated together Block 130, Row G. Pretty much on line with the 18 yard line. Tickets are Print at Home, so will need ot exchange for cash in South Manchester. One is over 65, but I understand the club is allowing free upgrades today. Would like £50 for the three. DM if interested.
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    Seasoncard - 2021/22

    Great . Thank you . The page I found involved membership at a cost. Bearable if you are doing several games, but not so good if you want to allow your ticket to be used once.
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    Seasoncard - 2021/22

    Some questions (not yet found answers in the preceding 436 pages). 1. Is there a way of getting a supporter number without paying for membership ? Membership seems to be £25 and Matchday Membership £35 - which i a bit much for anyone wanting to do jut one game . 2. Does anyone know if its...
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    Seasoncard Amnesty

    You may need to clear any cookies if you have an automatic log in. I tried to do it for another SC holder and it went straight to the 'Thank you for updating your details' page. Simply logged on on another device.
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    CAS judgement: UEFA ban overturned, City exonerated (report out p603)

    People withdrew from Twitter because of the approach to ant-semitism and the Wiley stuff.
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    Madrid away

    Not been to the new stadium, but went to the Calderon. Saw Atleti v AC Milan in a CL QF (day before we played Barca). Excellent atmosphere. Enjoy your trip.
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    SSN: PL to give City points deduction?

    @Ted_Bovis My point was that the Independent article was written by Miguel Delaney, who has a little history for attacking City. No point against you whatsoever and sorry if I gave that impression.
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    SSN: PL to give City points deduction?

    You may wish to note who wrote this.
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    VAR impact and consequence log - game 27

    I sit quite near him. He unfurled it after the players went off at half time. After 2 or 3 minutes, some steewards came along and asked him to take it down. The fan declined and asked "Why ?" The stewards did not seem to have an answer other than that that was what they'd been told throught...
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    UEFA FFP investigation - CAS decision to be announced Monday, 13th July 9.30am BST

    Lots of reasons, including; First, they had a prospect of winning and stopping the thing there and then. Second, it shows the club was prepared to fight every issue. Encourages UEFA to deal with evidence properly. Warns them what will happen if they do not. Might have an impact on terms...
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    Guardiola to face no action!!!!!!

    A lot of work to get Ferran and Txiki in only to wave goodbye to the man they were put in place to bring so soon. Given where his children are in education, I am hoping for longer. Unfortunately, you may be right. Sunday was however a nail in that coffin and a step in the reduction in the...
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    Guardiola to face no action!!!!!!

    Sadly, I think he is primed to see out his contract and go. I sense that he is so frustrated by the refereeing and mis-application of VAR that he would not stay on. I hope I am wrong.
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    Travelling to Milan (Atalanta)

    Got on the bus at 4.00 and was at Milano Centrale for 4. 50. That was with a bit of traffic and an issue from a plastic sheet blocking the Autostrada. You can get a train, but you'd need to get the bus to Bergamo station. I reckon the buses to Milan are the best bet. When you get to Milano...
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    Travelling to Milan (Atalanta)

    Either. 7€ for the single journey.
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