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    Discuss Pellegrini...(cont)

    I am feeling very, very opportunistic about this weekend don't know why but I do. Of all the things I want to see this season apart from us winning the title in spectacular style like the 11/12 is seeing our poor old Manager getting the just rewards for making our club a better place. He is...
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    Sky commentators

    Hi everyone I would like to discuss the response of the commentators when we score ...of late it has been terrible. Did anyone notice on sky the manu game ,yesterday v pool and countless games where whenever we score the commentators go quiet you can hear a pin drop. Is it only me or...
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    Barcelona Vs City CL 2nd leg

    We can do this if we play with the intensity when we were down to ten men Anything is possible, it's all about belief!!!
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    Barcelona H CL Pre match thread {merged}

    lovley Lovely piece in telegraph about our club! So nervous but excited for tomorrow. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return...
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    City Vs Chelsea (FA Cup) Pre Match thread

    The latter sounds better
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    City Vs Chelsea (FA Cup) Pre Match thread

    So nervous ...I hope we don't lose :S Three in mid for Chelsea again :/ Is jojo playing Nasri role? With on up top? Dzeko please find your touch today !
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    Where've the search functions gone?

    Re: Where's the search functions gone? Please fix it Thanks ^_^
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    Central midfielder in January?

    Re: Central midfielder in January !! Excited,I wonder who? Matuidi at PSG would be brilliant signing but cant play champions league right? propbably someone not euro cuptied...<br /><br />-- Wed Dec 25, 2013 5:36 pm --<br /><br />Excited,I wonder who? Matuidi at PSG would be brilliant signing...
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    The media, us and the rags - the truth

    Spot on,could not have put it better ^_^ The future is blue, I am so excited this season is turning out better than I anticipated, long may it continue.
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    Fulham Vs City Post Match Thread

    Best match report of the weekend... After the drivel we was served at the weekend on MOTD with Hansen comment etc it was refreshing to read Monday Guardian report by London Reporter David Hytner rather than rag sycophant Jamie Jackson: Have a read it the best one I read over past few months...
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    Match Thread | Fulham vs Man City (21/12/13)

    What an assist by the beast Milner yeahh
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    Our wonderful owners

    +1 <3
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    Bayern v City post match thread

    Welcome to bluemoon! I have to admit that I initially thought bayern couldn't get better but pep is doing a excellent job so far and the possibility of being the first team to retain the champions league trophy can happen. Good luck to your team this season.
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    Costel Pantilimon

    Was brilliant yesterday and there was nothing he could do for the goal just that type of goal, sublime.
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    All Our Yesterdays

    Re: Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose thank you for posting this, we have come so far in such a short space of time it's remarkable really and we had a fair share of drama, negative press with the ridiculing etc etc but we are in safe hand and with soriano and txii. It just the beginning...
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