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    Stupid little things that bug you

    Terry Christians parents.
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    Golf Thread

    My brothers ex ran that golf course (Northendon?) Boozer across the road, pretty well known? Shit with names. For years. Think they've bought another somewhere posh
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    Stupid little things that bug you

    Terry Christian.
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    Building a Computer?

    Here's mine. Always built my own. Was due an upgrade(bar a new case) about 5 years ago but don't play as many hard end games as much. If anything, I've gone back to games I've missed over the years.
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    What was your football boot of choice

    Had a few but by far the comfiest were Patrick Kevin Keegan. Wrapped box tape around them when they started falling apart. Great pair of boots.
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    Racist podcast rant - Arsenal fan & 'Comedian' Alan Davies not happy with us

    He's still alive on his Wiki. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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    City & FFP | 2020/21 Accounts released | Revenues of £569.8m, £2.4m profit (p 2395)

    Piss-can is still getting paid millions to haunt the place. Rentaghost
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    City & FFP | 2020/21 Accounts released | Revenues of £569.8m, £2.4m profit (p 2395)

    Used to be a good site to read. Since being shite, they've turned into Rawk2. If you want to earn your badges(get out of their newbies)head to one of the many(they don't care about us) 'Citeh' threads and slag us off. Bitter cunts
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    EFL Cup 20/ Jan 22 ( Ars v Liv )

    Liverpool Echo - “We might av murdered people la, but at leeeast we didn't pay Manciniii twiceee"
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    EFL Cup 20/ Jan 22 ( Ars v Liv )

    Those shops around Wembley are phoning about for extra security as I type. Thieving bastards
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    I know. And that's the road I want to keep them on. I'm thinking more of a major clean slate. That shithole is still haunted. Last thing we want is an exorcism.
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    They need to win the odd game like this. Last thing we want is for them to take drastic measures. They were still utter shite!
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Bruno not got one back in Portugal we could use?
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    Arsenal Thread - 2021/22

    Still wearing that shite
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    Liverpool Thread - 2021/22

    An Oldie but a Goldie:
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