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    Match Thread | West Brom vs Man City (26/101/21)

    West Brom starting to knock on the door... Dias answers it... Sorry Sir, I must have the wrong house...
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    Just incredible. I'm shocked, when I already thought I'd seen the depths of human stupidity in this pandemic. Bursting in to a covid ward to seemingly try and break out their elderly relative because they don't believe covid is real? There are hopefully only very few individuals who can...
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    Offside rule changed after Silva's goal against Villa

    Haha. If a team in red had scored it there'd be no debate, let alone law change. Incompetent on another level. Law has been like that for decades, plenty of goals scored like that over the years, not a problem until we benefit from it! Ha!
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    General Videogame Thread

    There will come a point, probably in the next few weeks, when the attitide of 'I must have a PS5 right now at all costs' falls below ability to supply. When that happens there is a risk for the scalpers as they may find themselves with units to shift in a well supplied market. That's on Sony and...
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    West Brom (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    Simon Stone has postponed our game by 24 hours. Sorry guys. From BBC sport app: Guardiola positive about Aguero impact West Brom v Man City (Wed, 20:15 GMT) Simon Stone BBC Sport Sergio Aguero's Manchester City absence goes on. The Argentina forward has managed just six substitute...
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    New striker

    Micah is routing Costa to push us to the title. Personally I'd be over the moon at a 6 month Dzeko loan, but as others mention I don't think we have the foreign spot right now. Would probably also see Delap drop down the order and look at opportunities elsewhere though.
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    Homeschooling during lockdown

    Always find visual aids help best. Coins, sweets, anything. Get your youngster to pick some toys and divide out the things between them. Will take longer, but once they get the basics they'll run through the rest with ease .
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    FA Cup 22/23/24/25 January

    Snot enough contact, according to Carney.
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    FA Cup 22/23/24/25 January

    Here's hoping for an exhausting tie which goes to extra time, a dodgy penalty awarded for each side, and a further couple of penalty incidents punished for blatant diving and the ensuing designer handbags at ten paces as each side calls the other 'cheats' without even the slightest hint of...
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    West Brom (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    Probably won't be too different a game to Cheltenham in all honesty. They'll try and win free kicks, and kick us hard. We have to take it that the scumbags have enough to beat Sheffield United so up to us to get revenge on this lot and show everyone who the table looks exactly half way through...
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    General Videogame Thread

    I think the first part of the game plays different depending on your character background choice, maybe some further interactions during the story too, but many of the available quests and storylines are similar if not identical. Decided to address my PS4 backlog a little, started with The...
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    Buying a car during lockdown

    We had to do this in December, wife's care packed in and she is still reliaint on it to take her mum to cancer treatment / consultancy appointmments. We had to basically scarp the old one via a scrap merchant who collect non runners, then take a punt on a second hand one. So we decided to go...
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    Villa (H) Post Match Thread

    60 year old football law to be SCRAPPED after oil-rich Sheikh finds way to EXPLOIT English game! Personally enjoyed McManaman's insights into the penalty. Twice shrieked out "He can't give dat" in desperation before "He has doh", and finally, once Gundog had put it in " As we know, under da...
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    Villa (H) Post Match Thread

    Was sure we'd be pulled up for that goal and the handball, but ok with me. Hard fought, good win. BT sport was hilarious when they asked Peter Walton on why Dean Smith was red carded. He blubbered on about why it was offside and unfair instead of answering the question, to the point that they...
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    Here comes the rain again

    Airport relief road A555 shut again due to flooding. Who'd havet though building a road with a huge divot in the middle just outside of rainy Manchester would have resulted in so frequent flooding and closures? I believe the issue here was that, after almost three decades when they built the...
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