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    What is the longest drive you've done ?

    I think if I did America like that again I’d like to do it by train now I’m older. Unfortunately those train packages are extremely expensive.
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    What is the longest drive you've done ?

    Toronto to Florida - three and a half days of solid driving but so worth it! Incredible changes in countryside, weather, people…. Enjoyed it so much we did it again 2 years later :)
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    Must see documentaries.. I’ve been watching this on Discovery Plus and really enjoying it. The footage of he build up to Hagler vs Minter and what happened immediately after is...
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    Vegetarians - Meat replacements

    Now I’m living on my own I seem to have stumbled on a way to manage my IBS by just trying to eat a half decent diet and not cook every night - I cook a load of chicken and broccoli every Sunday and then refrigerate it. I’ll have whole grain toast for breakfast, then lunch at work and tea in the...
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    Vegetarians - Meat replacements

    My 'then wife' and I tried going pescatarian a couple of years ago. We were living in Lancaster very close to a halal slaughter house and we were constantly seeing the big wagons full of sheep going in and then coming out empty again. I couldn't get the images out of my head so we gave it a go...
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    Last Film You Saw

    Watched Seven Psychopaths yet again last night. My all time favourite I think (and that’s up against some serious competition). Great performances from Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson and the brilliant Sam Rockwell plus a great cameo from Tom Waits.
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    Sauvage How Much?!?!

    I was in Boots yesterday and saw the the new Sauvage Elixer EDT. I tried the tester and it’s really nice stuff, but the price - £115 for 60ml was way out of my league. It got me wondering; what’s a fair amount to pay to smell good and what’s the most people have paid?
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    FA Cup Games 7/8/9/10 January

    I am absolutely stunned at how poor United are! The holes in their midfield and defence are huge and their front line in nonexistent.
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    FA Cup Games 7/8/9/10 January

    I’m sure Dion Dublin is a lovely guy but Jesus he’s annoying!
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    Grange Hill film

    It was Cathy Hargreaves for me - Trisha Yates best mate.
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    Best War Movie

    I remember seeing this film when I was a kid and loved it. It’s now been re-cut with loads of extra footage added.
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    Brewdog beer

    A mate of mine in Barrow used to only drink Holsten Pils mixed with Barley wine. I tried it and had one of the worst hangovers ever! Never See Holsten Pils any more; is it still available?
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    Liverpool Thread - 2021/22

    Apparently Klipperty has Covid and won’t be at the game tomorrow.
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    China bans footballers from having tattoo’s!!

    I’ve actually got Special Kung Po With Extra Chilli tattooed on my arm for when I’m too drunk to speak but want food.
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