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    Rico Lewis

    Followed his progress for a few yrs, his Grandad is a very good mate of mine. The club have high hopes for him and have given him a good contract. He was captain for England U18s v Wales today and scored.
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    crypto interest

    Invested 1k at the start of the year, bought mostly doge and chz. Saw the potential and stuck another 2k in. Since then I've recouped and withdrawn my 3k and still have 3k in binance. I'm happy to make £20 overnight by simply selling high and buying back lower while I sleep. Suck on it you...
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    General Election June 8th

    Fantastic rousing and inspirational speech from Corbyn there. It's a shame there isn't a record of voters kept so Tory voters don't benefit from Labour policies if they win.. No £10 min wage and they go to the back of the queue for NHS treatment etc..
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    Pablo Zabaleta - 2016/17 performances

    Been directly involved in 6 of our last 7 seven goals, more interceptions than anyone else on the pitch at weekend. He offers way more in possession and going forwards than Sagna and should have been on at some point tonight.
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    Pablo Zabaleta - 2016/17 performances

    Another solid performance tonight, led by example and played a major part in all 5 goals.
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    Mancini on Italian strictly..

    From 2 mins in.
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    Holiday ideas

    It's called Ayci apts and is in a place called Gumsan, Gumusluk. I know the owner so I don't book..! Leave it with me a few days and I'll pm you.
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    Holiday ideas

    I usually look on skyscanner a few wks before we go, better to be flexible with dates to get the best prices, Jet2 have been cheapest the last couple of yrs.
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    Holiday ideas

    I usually get a flight to Bodrum for around £140 rtn, then a a 40 min taxi ride for £30. I don't do package hols cos I know the area so well, straight to the apts and pay £15 a night, we have the pool to ourselves most of the time.
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    Holiday ideas

    Been going same place for 10yrs now, such a shame to see the locals struggling due to the drop in tourism. Obv Istanbul and the Syrian border have had some incidents, but there are absolutely no problems in most of the country, people have been put off due to scaremongering but it is totally...
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    Holiday ideas

    Don't let the scaremongers put you off Turkey, I go for a month every year and would move there tomorrow if I could. I was there last yr when the coup attempt happened , didn't affect us in the slightest. I go to a lovely fishing village called Gumusluk on the Bodrum peninsular, as far away...
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    Israeli diplomat scandal, why isn't this headline news..?

    Ah right, I must have missed it cos I don't watch the news. Nothin to see here then.
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    Israeli diplomat scandal, why isn't this headline news..?

    Shai Masot Interfering with British politics, but most of the media fail to report it, I wonder why..
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    Liverpool (a) Pre-Match Thread

    Those writing Zab off are fucking idiots, saying his legs have gone is just a bluemoon myth regurgitated by the clueless who think its true cos they've seen others say it. There's no evidence to support it, and the fact is he's been immense when called upon recently, that's why Pep plays him in...
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    Malt whisky drinkers: Did you start with blends and has anybody gone back to them?

    I'll still drink shit whisky if it's offered but I'll only ever buy a single malt.
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