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    Better comeback 2012 v 2022

    2012. Nothing will ever come close.
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    Aston Villa (H) Post Match Thread

    Buzzing like a Bee on ecstaseeee!!! Champions again! Feels oh so good :)
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    Frenkie de Jong

    Going to be frustrating if he goes there. Incredible player who'd have integrated seamlessly in this team. I really hope all this Phillips talk is just decoy tactics.
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    Kalvin Phillips

    I've watched some of the obligatory YouTube clips (yes, I appreciate they don't give you full scope of players abilities, but they give a flavour) and I don't see anything exceptional about him. He can spray a good pass but the impression I get is that he needs time and a lot of space to make...
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    Kylian Mbappé

    Surely those numbers are the stuff of fantasy? That would see him earning just under two million a week? Thing is, I can see ourselves renewing with Haaland for 700-800k per week in a few years time. If he comes in and tears the league up we could justify it, and potentially be looking at a...
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    It's Quiet 17 - Glory Thread

    Phillips is very, very underwhelming. Don't think he's cut out to play the brand of midfield football that Pep commands. Would love to be proven wrong.
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    Kalvin Phillips

    Rodri is on a completely different plane to Phillips. Wouldn't be anywhere near good enough to replace him for sustained periods. We're replacing one of the finest midfielders we've ever had and there are surely better options out there.
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    It's Quiet 17 - Glory Thread

    It's a shame we appear to be losing both he and Ferna in the same summer. That's a lot of upheaval in midfield. I would have liked Bellingham to replace him but as that's unlikely we should go for De Jong, he's almost identical in terms of playstyle so should fit in seamlessly. Looks like Nunes...
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    #31 | Ederson - 2021/22 Performances

    Frustrating one, is Eddie. Shot stopping isn't his forte, there's a certain irony in that the one trait goalkeepers are renowned for is something with which he's positively weak. But his style is integral to the way Pep has engineered this team. His calmness to play out from the back is...
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    #10 | Jack Grealish - 2021/22 Performances

    He's going to be monumental for us next season. I say that in expectation and not hope.
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    Frenkie de Jong

    This lad would fit snugly into our team like a glove. Born to play in a possession based team. Hopefully he's the club's priority midfield target.
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    Statues at the ground

    It's not so much the design that bothers me but rather the glut of statues themselves. Three just feels overkill. Immortalising the Serg moment I can understand, because that was one of the most iconic moments in football history, nevermind our history. But where do we stop? I like to think...
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    It's Quiet 17 - Glory Thread

    I reckon we'll settle between £40-45 million for Gabby. That would be a great price; if you factor in the funds received for Torres that would mean Haaland and Alvarez have arrived for nothing, which means we should have around £100mil to spend on an elite midfielder.
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    City to host 93:20 anniversary fan event with members of 2011/12 title winning squad

    Hard to believe it's been ten years. I would say I remember that moment like it was yesterday, but the truth is I don't. I went into such a state of elation when that goal went in that everything around me just faded. I think my dad and I jumped into each others arms and hugged deliriously in...
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    Welcome Erling Haaland | Joins on 1st July

    That's a great find, kudos for sharing. Of course he's brilliant technically, he wouldn't have had every top club linked with him over the last two seasons otherwise. I think what throws people is his size; he's a sheer physical specimen, 6ft 4" and a thoroughbred, it can be difficult to look...
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