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    Newcastle United Thread - 2021/22

    That's the bit I find weird.
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    Newcastle United Thread - 2021/22

    Chris a few have mentioned the ups and down of following any club, I get that, it's part of football but actively encouraging something that will increase the likelihood of more downs is weird in my opinion. On your second point about needing success I'm talking about the club needing current...
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    Newcastle United Thread - 2021/22

    I'm not talking about now, what your selling now is not a hard sell. Back then Robinho and Toure where leaving Madrid and Barcelona (European champions). All the Arsenal lads didn't leave for the craic, the wages they were being offered far exceeded what they could get at a bigger and more...
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    Newcastle United Thread - 2021/22

    Of course you overpaid and raised wages, why would Yaya Toure or Robinho join a club who's middle name was failure? Newcastle will be have to pay the likes of Declan Rice 50% more than Chelsea or yourselves and that will remain the case until they are established in the CL. Once the initial...
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    Newcastle United Thread - 2021/22

    I'm a long term browser on here, I was aware of most of that but it doesn't change my point, City as a club and you as fans will eventually suffer here. Your club is now fully self sustainable but you need success to maintain current levels. You get Pep's replacement wrong and it won't take much...
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    Newcastle United Thread - 2021/22

    Why can't you separate a clubs and its fans from its owners? How many Spurs fans do you think only want to participate? Only want to make Levy rich? All we have is what fans of 99% of clubs have and that's dreams, however unrealistic they are they are the reason we're still here. If Newcastle...
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    Newcastle United Thread - 2021/22

    Does nobody else think its weird that a Man City forum is in support of this? City are owned by a group of billionaire's from all corners of the globe. From the point of view of CFG there is no relationship with Saudi Arabia or Newcastle that I'm aware of, there isn't a reason to get behind...
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    Thogden v Liverpool

    I find the reaction to this astonishing. How is it so mild? Does his Dad coming on and explaining he's a decent fella change anything? This lad, whoever he is has taken a ticket from the hand of the next person in line, someone who's been to Crystal Palace at 1230 on a New Year's day or arrived...
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    Ref Watch

    You're being pedantic, if they were corrupt then flagging Sterling offside is an easy thing to do regardless of the size of Sterling. I bet it wouldn't take me too long to find tonnes of posts saying Lingaard was offside for Utds winner during the week. Both were very similar, players in front...
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    Ref Watch

    I don't think Sky showed the replay of the ref blowing but I was sure he awarded the free for the foul by Henderson which kind of shoved Silva over Milner. There was a stat a few pages back that some sums up this ref and his employers, no red card since December 2020. All Mike Riley wants is to...
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    Injury Updates | Torres out for up to 3 months

    They do get them paid (at least partially anyway) by the international associations. FIFA run an insurance scheme I believe that covers these things.
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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    Keane was right back then, Klopp was right when he called out his fans and Pep was right during the week. The only way Southampton or a team of their ilk win at the Etihad or Anfield is if the fans and players are not "on it". This season already looks to be heading in the direction 90+ points...
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    Ederson and Jesus cleared to play (Pg 63)

    Liverpool play Leeds this weekend, both could potentially play Brazilian players and defy the ruling. Your scenario doesn't work there.
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    VAR Thread - 2021/22

    Chelsea where not done over, the lad stopped a goal with his arm, by accident or not that's what happened. He's getting sent off every single time regardless of referee or opposition.
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    Harry Kane

    Off course I don't know but we do know Kane gave an interview to get the ball rolling, he then missed his covid test, 2 actions designed to aggravate. He proved he was willing to play his part. There is no way after doing that he just goes silently if the only hold up his is replacement. I'll...
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