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    Psoriasis Shout Out

    I've said this before, changed my diet cut out dairy and meat this helped tremendously. Previously also used homemade coconut-oil/weed tincture. Now use Rick Simpson Oil instead, Absolute miracle stuff.
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    What are you drinking right now ??

    Pilsner urquell
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    Skin conditions

    The Mrs went all healthy and as a result she cut out milk and lessened dairy in general. Switched to a plant based diet so no meat at all and as a result my psoriasis reduced to a small patch on my right knee only. For that I make some homemade coconut oil and weed cream to apply, works a treat.
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    It's Quiet - a new dawn

    A Sullivan Blowing your load twice in 2 minutes. A:Fuk i blew twice in 2 minutes\ B: HAHAhah u pulled a sullivan Urban dictionary
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    Watching the match in Prague

    ...try this place George & Dragon Pub Address: Old Town Square 11, Old Town, Prague 1 any of the Irish bars
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    Tell Us Something About Yourself

    I lurk
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    Are we getting more popular abroad?

    Czech Republic, Hradec Kralove home game, 2 seasons ago, City shirt in the main stand. Bought the guy a beer.
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    City v Chelsea Post Match Thread

    MDM instead of Milner, sorry but no. Not a bad game quite enjoyed it but Peli ballsed up there though, MDM next to Kompany, Milner in the middle different game. It looks like Peli cant out tactic that smug cheapo muppet from the financially sound Chelsea, We missed Fern and Nasri tonight.
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    Chelsea v City Post Match Thread

    thought it was a cracking game, superb performance Sergio. Nasri should have stayed on, Yaya was bolloxed, 60 minutes was enough. Rotation Mr P. Hart shouted to late, who comes out like that in that situation made Nasty's decision harder. Mancini looks like he had a point about him. What is the...
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    Unicorn Athletic F.C

    Many, many years ago, 70's some time, I played in goal once and let in 4 goals. Cant believe I wasn't asked back. If memory serves me correct the kit was similar to Derby County.
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    Cardiff Vs City Post Match Discussion Thread

    Re: Cardiff Vs City Post Match Discussion Thread Džeko and Negredo positive displays today. It looked like we were stuck between 2 systems.
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    Cardiff Vs City Post Match Discussion Thread

    Re: Cardiff Vs City Post Match Discussion Thread Is it to early to mention the word 'typical' yet?
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    Cardiff Vs City Post Match Discussion Thread

    Re: Cardiff Vs City Post Match Discussion Thread ...width?
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    It's Christmas today in Czech republic

    Carp is crap, as you know and no wine sausage or Schnitzel All three for me, the carp is still splashing about downstairs, forget the hammer that scaled, boney bastard is in or the full RVP treatment.
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    It's Christmas today in Czech republic

    Carp, vino klobasa or rizek With your potato salad
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