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    Ryanair Sink to New Low! (Just how bad are these people?)

    Is it me or are there loads of house fires in Leicester? Can remember three of late in the Asian community. Not trying to insinuate anything by that but it's pretty odd.
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    Laptop Repair - Power Supply

    There are firms who do a send and return service on eBay. Can't vouch for them but a shop will normally charge about 100 and the eBay guys charge half that or less. Would advise you to whip your hard drive out before sending it away just in case anything goes wrong or your laptop gets lost...
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    WHP Sat night

    Got any tips for first timers, lads? Gonna be my first visit to any whp venue tomorrow night and I've heard loads of scare stories about crazy security, tea leafs, daft rules, etc.... Got after party tickets for South so I'm proper giddy for a marathon rave up hehehe Cheers
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    Warehouse Project 2013

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    Believe it or not, SportsDirect. Got some "fashionable" shorts for 8 quid and they've got them in every colour under the sun. Slightly off topic but for any BV fishermen SportsDirect are selling heavily discounted tackle. Obviously they're flogging a lot of Dunlop crap but I picked up a Shakey...
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    They are right or they can f off????

    Hehehe fuck yeah! Bet she's filthier than a tramp's undies.
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    Has anyone got artificial grass in their garden?

    Was at a house today that had it. Looks great and must pay for itself over time when u think about the time spent mowing and cost of mowers, etc.
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    west ham tickets.

    Are these still available mate?
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    west ham tickets.

    Looking for two adults together in South Stand or singing section. Can meet at ground, nearby or even town. Cheers e2a Pm sent to ashytheblue
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    Sankeys Manchester closing down

    Smart dress only? I'm there...
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    Money Saving Tips

    Save money on an expensive vibrator for your missus by filling and empty cigar tube with angry bees. Copyright Viz
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    Irani talking out of his **** again

    They had a cricketer on the phone the other day and when Brazil mentioned Irani was in the Caribbean he replied "only if someone else has paid for it though". Sums Irani up perfectly if you ask me! RIIAC
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    Need some help regarding job interviews

    This. I'd deffo go to the other interview in case the first job falls through. I'm sure all will be well but it doesn't hurt to keep your options open.
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    How hard do you work ?

    So does that mean you could work 11 Hrs a day Tue/Wed/Thu and have the rest of the week off? That's pretty decent, if so!
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