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    Man United (H) | Pre-Match Thread

    I know I'm an old git but I just don't get this, we must keep calm stuff, go out and fukin kill the rag twats, (must have had to many punch ups with the tossers in my younger days sorry i feel better now) carry on.
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    What do you call ...them

    has bean's
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    Points to win the League

    Nobody else will get past 70 points
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    Points to win the League

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    Premier League ( midweek ) Games 2/3/4 March

    This is a good game to watch you cant see the other side of the pitch
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    Offside judgement (Laporte v Wolves)

    How could this be off unless the person judging it wanted it to be offside
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    Man United (H) | Pre-Match Thread

    Phil has to play he knows what it means and Stones, Dias and Gundo please
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    Man of the Match Wolverhampton Wanderers PL (H)

    FFS for me great game
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    City entrance music (ideas?)

    Just sing it with this passion
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    Wolves (H) | Pre-Match Thread

    They played 2.5 days ago with no rotation except kids available, Jimenez, Boly, Podence & Marcal all miss with injuries
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    TV from your childhood

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    Alexander Isak

    Derby week is it
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    Points to win the League

    Yep I reckon 76 will do it hears hoping, however we cant call it for ages
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    Points to win the League

    Win the next 6 and it is won, we will have beaten lei and rags, they are averaging 2.1 points per game 75 points should do it
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