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    Sky/BT Sports package on Sky

    Does pausing it completely take the all sports channels off?
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    Don’t Blame Fans For The Empty Seats

    Haha was waiting for your quote, just pointing out its very poor dont you think
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    Don’t Blame Fans For The Empty Seats

    Must be alot of blues on holiday then
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    Your starting XI for Real Madrid

    I fear for this game, come into some form madrid now and we’ve gone the other way, 2 or 3-0 loss but obviously hope im wrong
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    United Home League Cup Tickets

    Not selling a derby out, the place should be bouncing, but its not just this game its every game theres empty seats, if they ever extend it would be a ridiculous idea
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    United Home League Cup Tickets

    Lets never hope they extend the stadium again or it will be a bigger embarrassment then it already is
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    Zagreb fans behaviour

    bang on to be honest, our atmosphere is pathetic
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    TV Fixture Changes 2019/20

    Liverpool nailed on to be sunday, champs league is the week before not after
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    TV Fixture Changes 2019/20

    So everton and palace away now Saturday 5:30? Anyone know if it’s possible to get back to euston in 1hr30 from palace?
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    Away tickets

    If they scrap the points system thats me done with it, took me years building them up to where can get ticket for most games apart from bournemouth that was the only one
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    The Cup Final return travel issue

    Absolute joke this country, my mate flying from dublin for about £30 return yet a return train from manchester is £89. Piss take
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    FA Cup Semi Final draw - Brighton

    Can currently get a return from manc for £67 including underground, super travelcard i think its called
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    Our Fixtures - Now till the end of season!

    Ive already booked train for semi final for the Saturday, ill be pissed off if its sunday.
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    CL QF Draw - City V Spurs ===== SF V Ajax (If we get there)

    Hoping they do a train for this, anyone heard anything?
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    CL QF Draw - City V Spurs ===== SF V Ajax (If we get there)

    Theres a train back from euston 11pm for spurs away, what the chances of making that or even them holding it for a while...?