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    A song for Ilkay Gundogan

    Maybe not a song but a banner Klopp thought the quad was won Pep thought I’ll bring on Gundogan
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    Aston Villa (H) Post Match Thread

    To fans of every other club - you’re welcome
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    Aston Villa (H) Post Match Thread

    Before Coutinho goal went on to match thread to say has to get Gundogan on. This isn’t about ability, it’s about managing pressure. True story bro [emoji1]
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    Injury Updates

    He should just read out the team in the presser! This is us, deal with us.
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    City’s New Kits - 2022/23

    Trying to get top for my lads birthday on Thurs. Someone at Puma told me I’d be able to order from tomorrow.
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    West Ham United (A) | Post-Match Thread

    Gutted and relieved, a weird combo
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    West Ham United (A) | Post-Match Thread

    Villa playing on Thursday is mas….big
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    Who am i?

    Lester City
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    Liverpool Thread - 2021/22

    That could be their Atletico game. You win but the damage is done. Games like that leave scars even if you win.
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    Injury Updates

    Pep will want to control the game. Keeping possession out from the back is the key part of that. No way he puts an inexperienced player in there imo. He won’t blink about putting Rodri in there with Gundo holding.
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    Injury Updates

    If knocks they have a chance. If muscular forget it. Ferna looked the latter.
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    Welcome Erling Haaland | Joins on 1st July

    The real reason for the mass hysteria is that we’ve signed the best young player in the world and money had nothing to do with it. The haters just cannot cope with the romance of the story because of his Dad. We are a soulless club, we aren’t allowed to have notions like romance, just currency...
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    Injury Updates

    Dinho is alright against forwards who want to play in front of him eg Chris Wood at weekend. As soon as Wilson came on though, Dinho caught ball watching and Wilson was in behind, needed Eddie to save. It’s worrying.
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    The Title Race | 93 points...title won

    If we’re clinical, the defence should be good enough
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    Real Madrid (A) Post Match Thread

    We are what a lot of us predicted when we signed another creative player instead of an Aguero replacement. A team that creates unbelievable chances without a ruthless goalscorer. You get what you plan for.
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