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    Man of the Match Real Madrid CL Rd of 16 2nd Leg (H)

    Walker for me, hazard didn't get a sniff.
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    Confirmed: Nathan Ake signs 5 year contract

    Good signing, maybe another right hand side central defender as I feel garcia will go! Think otamendi on his way and we might persevere with stones who isn't a bad player, just think it's a confidence thing. I would also like to see a striker come in, a centre forward which I don't think gabby...
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    Confirmed: Ferran Torres signs 5 year contract

    He looks a very good signing. 20 mill plus add ons. Fast, attacking minded, skillful, great crosser, unselfish. He is only just 20 so to introduce him to in my opinion the best league in football may take him time to settle but he has the potential from what I've seen and heard from the media to...
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    City’s New Kits - 2020/21

    Think the home kit is OK, must admit I like the away one. However for me the 125 year community shield shirt is the best one I've seen for years, plain and simple. Along with the red and black striped away kit, nothing compares in my opinion!
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    Jordan Henderson wins FWA Footballer of the Year

    I've in no doubt Liverpool had a good season but this award is not a team award but an individuals contribution throughout the season. Kdb, Henderson, sorry, no comparison! And to cap it all off we were called cheats!
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    Would Tevez had done well in Pep's system?

    Of course he would, pep encourages work rate, he had it in abundance. Not only that, he was a great finisher and although we have scored plenty we've missed some chances this season, good chances. He in my opinion was one of the best players I've seen at the Etihad, up there with the best. Joy...
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    Arsenal FA Cup SF Post-Match Thread

    No plan b. Pointless pinging high balls into the box, as they said wheres a dzeko when u need one. They were all poor, no excuses, got what we deserved. Defence overhaul required, don't want to single anyone out, you defend as a unit, however some of it was Manchester amateur stuff!
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    CAS judgement: UEFA ban overturned, City exonerated (report out p603)

    For months, even longer we were cheats, rule breakers, not fit to play alongside the elite. Is that not defamation of character! Where's our compensation Uefa?
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    Micah Richards - The Pundit

    In the light of what's happening these days football isn't important although we love to see our team doing well and continuing to play well and mostly win games. Richards has and is bringing a light heartedness but honest opinion to his punditry which is a joy to see. Well done, may it continue!
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    Southampton (A) Pre-Match Thread | 05/07/2020 | 7pm KO

    Let's go strong, let's cement top 4 although we are nearly there. Not sure how many points we need but let's get em first. When that's done include the youngsters in prem games and save the rest for champions league and fa Cup!
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    Thank You and Good Luck Leroy | Signs for Bayern

    Legend? My arse! Good, great player on his day. Pep had his reasons not to involve him that being down to being inconsistent I would imagine. Good luck to him, got his wishes, see ya!
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    Liverpool (H) Post-Match Thread

    Should have been 5, I don't understand var. It's supposed to be for the good of the game but in honesty it's a joke. 2 similar situations yesterday, players falling to the floor and accidentally hits an arm. Not intentional the ball hits them. Anyway 4 will do, put the twats in there place. Some...
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    Burnley (h) pre-match thread (22/06/2020)

    Ederson Walker Fern Laporte Mendy Rodri Foden De bryne Stirling Aguero Bernado Sorry to say no sane, his hearts not in it anymore. Move on!
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    Deal agreed with Bayern Munich for Leroy Sane - €60m (including add-ons)

    Think it's time for him to go. I wouldn't play him again, not out of spite just he doesn't want to be at city anymore which tells me he won't be giving his all. That's not acceptable when we have still loads to play for. If we can double our outlay, good business. Sell this window and move on!
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    Coronavirus: Football Discussion Thread

    I'm not surprised if the majority of players don't want to return. I do hope the Premier league involve those players, ask them, see what and how they feel. Disinfecting the ball beforehand? How many times will it be disinfected? Every time a player touches it? It's not safe, not now or any time...