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    Crystal Palace

    After one for tommorow... Thanks...
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    Liverpool tickets on sale

    After one for tomorrow… Unlikely I know but drop me a reply if you have one… Thanks
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    Sheffield weds away

    After one for tonight....
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    West Ham at home

    Just sent you a Pm regarding the ticket would be great to use it... Many thanks...
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    West Ham at home

    Just sent you a Pm would be great to use the ticket... Many thanks...
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    Anyone Going To FA Cup Final From or via Huddersfield? SORTED NOW

    Tim of the Oak, do you have a spare match ticket for tom by any chance? I am in Leeds you see...
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    FA Cup Final

    After one for the game, please let me know if there is one going....
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    Burnley away

    After one for tomorrow... Unlikely but let me know... Thanks....
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    Chelsea (H)

    After one, possibly two for tomorrow... Thanks
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    Wembley Carabao Cup Final

    Very unlikely I know! Looking for two please together... Thanks
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    Huddersfield Away

    After one for tomorrow if anyone has one... Many thanks
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    Huddersfield Away

    Sent you a PM regarding the ticket Mayo, I'll take it please...
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    Chelsea 3rd December

    Interested mate drop us over a note on pm with your number....
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    Boro at home

    First Earl sent you a pm...
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    Boro at home

    After one spare for the game.... Cheers
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