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    Liverpool (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    I started wearing my Why Always Me t-shirt and Premier League socks in mid December. Since then we have won thirteen in a row
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    Man United (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    Would be great...but Pep doesn't have form for making subs this early
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    Penalty Taker

    Balotelli was the best!
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    Are City complacent?

    There was an interview with Raz on football focus in about November and he laughed then as good as admitted that Liverpool wanted it more
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    West Ham (h) pre-match thread

    We are going to THRASH them
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    Penalty Taker

    If Ederson really is the best taker at the club then why not let him take them? He would probably score 9/10 (the average is 8/10) and I'm sure we could survive the few that he misses. Stepney used to do it and it was never an issue. Better than missing 4 of our last 6...
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    Spurs (A) Pre-Match Thread

    Looking for a ticket today. Which pub nearby to City fans go to?
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    Spurs away

    Hi all - after one or two for the game. Am in London nearby
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    Spurs (A) Pre-Match Thread

    Hi all - I would be eternally grateful if you could bring a ticket from a fellow Bluemooner in South Reddish / Stockport tomorrow and meet me at the ground. Please get in touch asap if you can. Thanks
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    Spurs away

    Hi all, could anyone bring a ticket from South Reddish, where a fellow Bluemooner lives, and meet me at the ground tomorrow please. There is a pint in it of course!
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    Spurs away

    Looking for one or two tickets please. Am in London so would meet at the ground. Thanks
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