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    PSG Home tickets

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    PSG Home tickets

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    Southampton (H) - Sat 18 Sep 15:00

    Was after 2 x tickets together if anybody has any available.?
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    Everton Home Game 21/08

    Hi, looking for 1 adult and two kids, or 3 tickets togeather if possible. Please Pm me Thanks
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    Official: Raheem Sterling Signs On 5 Year Deal

    Welcome Raheem Sterling!!! Think its important to make him feel welcome after the harsh treatment he has had lately.
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    Barcelona Home Tickets?

    Hi, hoping somebody could help me out, was after 2 or 3 tickets sat togeather anywhere in the ground, dont have any cityzen points to buy off OS, please pm with anything you may have. Thanks
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    David Silva...

    This man is Amazing!!!!
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    Martin Demichelis confirmed

    Welcome Martin, hopefully just what we need, most importantly he knows the system.
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    Pellegrini gone back to Chile

    Pellegrini is back then...
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    Negredo Signed (official)

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    Pellegrini gone back to Chile

    All the best M. Pellegrini.
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    Pellegrini confirmed

    Welcome Manuel Pellegrini!!
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    Get well soon, Scott.

    Get well soon Scott
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    who do YOU want ?

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