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    Steaua Bucharest AWAY leg - useful info for travelling Blues

    Get yourselves down Strada Smardan area for pubs and scran. PS....what until you see the Romanian women, woooooooaf!!
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    Post Match Thread: City vs Boro

    What he says.
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    Wilfried Bony

    Did he ever sign that deal though?
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    Wilfried Bony

    Moral of the story, don't buy overrated/overpriced shite from the Premiership....
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    Wilfried Bony

    The fella Seydou Doumbia, who ripped us apart was being touted at around £15m in the press in November.
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    Wilfried Bony

    Total waste of money, if the £30M being quoted is correct. They would be better buying someone from Europe for a third of the price.
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    Manuel Pellegrini

    If the players dont give a fuck, then that could be the main problem. Do we keep sacking managers every 2nd year cause the players lose focus?
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    Best headed goal by a City player...

    Only one winner for me.... "Early cross, chance at the far post, Hinchcliffe, that's just marvellous stuff"
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    Today's Press

    Spoke too soon buddy....
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    1894group displays 2014-15

    Have a gander at what the Motherwell Bois have managed for having a group of between 150-200. Good links with the club and have changed the atmosphere of games. I'd like to think City could pull together 500-1000 fellas and do likewise.
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    What is stopping us being one of the best in Europe?

    Bad timing to blame FFP after tonight. Atletico Madrid have generated around 40m profit in transfers over the last few seasons. Its what you do with the money, not how much you spend.
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    City approach FA about B team

    Not a fan of the B-Team idea as unfair on the smaller clubs, however I dont understand why they dont link up with a club like Motherwell and the youngsters play with them. This would let them play in British style football, weather etc and they qualify for Europe most seasons so they can also...
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    WBA tickets

    Personally I wish we could charge away fans what they charged us. Hopefully after the expansion they will see sense and drop our pricing to around £30.
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    WBA tickets

    How much were the tickets for West Brom away?
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    Have people forgotten early April 2012 already?!

    Sadly we need two teams to fuck up this time. Title fucked buddy!!
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