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    Official Net Spend 2020 Transfer Window Another one to add. they all add up.
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    Jadon Sancho

    Depends very much on whether they Can back it up, and, yes very much on what they can get elsewhere. Assuming you want to keep them, and whether they are getting fair value to begin with. Not disagreeing, just expanding.
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    Summer Transfers

    So two early rumours of players we were linked with got done pretty quickly. Anyone else we are (genuiny) linked with or reportedly interested in? Kinda don't really see any hints at the next targets to follow. (Excluding koulibangala and h.aouar, which i consider more hopeful speculation than...
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    David Silva has played his last competitive game at the Etihad

    Quite surprised really. For the last few seasons, it was made out he would return home after finishing up with us, and that is where his heart was set on. I guess i had built up that romantic notion. Great move for him, from a footballing point, one of the top 6 clubs in a top european league...
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    Jadon Sancho

    What sector is that, and what part of tbe country?
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    Jadon Sancho

    What part of the country and what profession/sector is that? As a starting figure out of uni, if i read right.
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    Alex Sandro

    As a swap for mendy, maybe. Otherwise, no chance.
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    Train derailment at Stonehaven

    Seemingly a lot worse than reports are suggesting, at this point, in terms of hurt/casualties. Pretty horrible, and heartbreaking. Thoughts and wishes with all concerned.
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    TV Series

    There were a few things that annoyed me about it, on and off. That wasn't really one of them, i guess i saw it as 'being true to the period'. The biggest was i felt they missed an opportunity in making some of the themes relatable and more timeless. Instead it is easy to brush the under the 'ah...
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    Jadon Sancho

    What a dobber. Fucking cringe. Wonder of it is a clause in the utd contracts, a player over 80m had to produce a twattisgh video before he signs.
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    Bernardo to Barca

    Agree with all of that, other than that he would be their star man. Barcelona do have some top players.
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    Eric Garcia to Barcelona?

    I really dont get what tree you are meowing at. Leverage for what? What do you think will happen, and what punishment. Being paid to be part of this club isn't punishment, it is his job that he signed up to do. Barcelona either pay, or wait. In the meantime, he's our player, starter, or on...
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    Eric Garcia to Barcelona?

    20m plus add-ons would be better. No rush at all.
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    Eric Garcia to Barcelona?

    Well he already said a deal would be done for 10m, so he's out. Next contestant please.
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    Eric Garcia to Barcelona?

    I am unlikely to pay in excess of a fiver for a a steak dinner. Doesn't mean i'll get it (or anything) for a fiver.