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    Player Topic: Kevin De Bruyne (2015/16)

    Get in. Great result all around and I'm 200 notes up. And breathe.
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    Daily Express: Nasri to Juve?

    Nasri has some wonderful contributions - goal in a Wembley final - being his biggest for God's own Club. If he were to leave and that enabled us to bring in Paul Pogba there is only one thing to say, 'Get it done'.
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    MEN "announcement"

    Are you for real? Clarkied? It's the 8th of July not 2nd of September.
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    Could this simply be a case of needing to move an overseas player out and getting a homegrown one in (Delph). Don't want this to happen particularly but this is our Achilles heel with being top heavy on overseas players.
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    Raheem Sterling - Done - See main forum

    All the photos on the Daily fail website show sky blue and white. Probably just wishful thinking and wanting my bet to come off
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    Raheem Sterling - Done - See main forum

    It must be a sign - the plane's in City colours too. Let's hope so.
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    Alex Song

    Alex Song is 27, Fabian Delph is 25. Song will cost about £7-8M, Delph probably three times as much. One has played in the Champions League whilst the other has played in a struggling Premier League club that has avoided relegation only because there have been three clubs worse during the...
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