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    Welcome Erling Haaland | Signing confirmed on a 5 year deal

    He’s walking the streets now.
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    Welcome Erling Haaland | Signing confirmed on a 5 year deal

    Good pictures of Erling on Twitter at the moment I know the photographers so he’s deffo here
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    Community Shield | 17:00, 30th July @ King Power Stadium

    Leicester Leicester child molester (Can you still say that)
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    Help please - scarf with sentimental value lost at parade

    I know the guy who runs the city council cleaners.I’ll try and track him down tomorrow. He’s a blue so he will look into it
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    Pitch invasion

    Think all the city staff running on the pitch encouraged everybody else. They’ll be asking players management and staff not to celebrate soon.
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    Just For Once, Can The Club Cut The Cheese On Sunday, Please

    I like the quick bit as that’s when I get involved. 1-2-3-4 Ala Ramones Those in east stand 305 know what I mean
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    Gundogan contract situation

    I was told this at 10 o’clock this morning, apparently it’s to do with his forthcoming marriage and has put in a request to leave.
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    Seasoncard Renewals | Slight Price Increase

    Thinking of moving my daughter to match day membership. Will she lose her points that she has accrued as a season ticket holder( currently 16900 )
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    Atletico (A) - Post-Match Thread

    Personally I think Savic should be written out of the history of Manchester City
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    Atletico (A) - Wed 13th April, 20:00 (BST) | Pre-Match Thread

    Maybe not selling well ? Should reduce their supporters passion / noise
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    Atletico (A) - Wed 13th April, 20:00 (BST) | Pre-Match Thread

    Capacity reduced by at least 5000 for city game due to the behaviour of there fans at Etihad
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    Ticket Transfer

    Thank you for information, in the end she got that drunk last night that she came in with me anyhow.
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    Ticket Transfer

    Does ticket transfer only work if the recipient has an email address? My daughter who has deferred this season wants my sons spare ticket for Liverpool but has same email as me
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    Atletico (H) | CL QF 1st Leg | Post Match Thread

    Any ideas on why Ederson was booked at end ?
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