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    name an interesting fact about yourself.

    I am the invisible woman.
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    Next Signing

    What he said ^
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    Stevie G Bid imminent?

    Does he want to come Tolmie? :)
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    the aftermath

    If it is Nedum, then I for one want to sit on his lap.
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    what did you learn new today

    What teabagging is. Thankyou Vanessa Feltz, I will never look at you in the same way ever again. Thank goodness my boy prefers coffee.
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    Can't make the match today...

    ...and yes I do have a genuine (health) reason. Please can you all do me a favour and sing your hearts out for the lads (and me). The atmosphere recently has been shiite, my Boltonian friends have been ribbing me about COMS being a library since our last league game. Also any...
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    Robinsons tackle on SWP

    Ah, good ol' football karma. Them not getting a penalty cancels out Bellar's sending off at the Reebok. The officials did have a mare last night though.
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    Why we should still be smiling today.

    I nearly spit coffee all over my screen, thankyou. (is this true?!!) LOL!
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    Came across this article from the Dark Side (via Newsnow). I have no doubt that the clock is ticking, but the Rags do have a point about Veron. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return...
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    Bolton Forum

    We will win. The Bolton fans want it as much as we do. Megson out!!!
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    Carling Cup date

    Yeah, shame! >:)
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    Scunthorpe/Man United Fan?

    LMAO! :D
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    Scunthorpe/Man United Fan?

    My better half clocked him in the away end. He stood up, took the Scunthorpe top off to reveal Scummy shirt underneath. I gave him the Vs and ranted for a bit but no-one else seemed to notice, think they were far more interested in the young blonde lassie.
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    The Twang at The Ritz Sunday night

    We saw them in Liverpool in Feb, thought they were amazing live, but a tiny venue and mad-frit crowd always help. Not as taken with the new album as the first, was the set mainly new or were there plenty of the old?
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    Any City Fans Have a Account on Facebook ?

    Mark S Hampson, I have just accepted your friend request ;)
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